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Make money selling handmade bags

make money selling handmade bags

There was a time when it was only chic to be seen with the most expensive designer bags. Make money selling handmade bags you have ever created bags and purses and wondered if you could turn your hobby into a paying business, now is the time to take advantage of the huge demand for handmade bags and purses. The world of fashion is notoriously fickle, and customers are always looking for something new. There are many categories of the bag and purse market where you can make a big impact, ranging from trendy beach totes to designer diaper bagsclever shopping totesand of course, stylish handbags. Many people have been able to successfully turn a hobby into a full time jobas long as they keep a few things in mind. First, are your bags truly marketable to customers? If so, you might be in a great position to start your own line of handmade bags and purses. Most successful accessory designers get their start selling items out of their own home. The key to getting started is having the creativity, skills, and drive to start a home business.

Mixing Art and Business

Do you want to sell some of your purses to get paid to express your creative side or live your dream of earning a great living? In general, with only a few basic steps, you can make money selling purses at home. Purchase an advertisement in a local newspaper or magazine to spread the word about your inventory of purses, listing your different purses on Craigslist. Browse thrift shops or garage sales for purses that are still in good shape, buy them, and place them to your home-based inventory space. Then, purchase a few purses that customers can look at when deciding to buy purses from you without having to actually stock a large amount of inventory. Make your own purses. Let your creativity shine through and stock them in your inventory as you make them. Post your purses for sale on sites such as Ebay and Bidaboo. For your own purses, you can post them on Etsy. For example, take below methods to list your purses on eBay. Crate a free account.

Turn Your Crafts Into Income

I started sewing handbags a few years ago when I saw a woman set up at a flea market selling her handmade purses. I was set up two tables down from her and watched how many people stopped and purchased her Kool-Aid bags. At that time these bags where so popular and since then she still is set up at the flea market and still is popular with her cute purses. Well I have a sewing bug in me and thought I can do this too. So read on to see how to make selling your handmade purses possible. First you need to make up your inventory. Sew, sew and sew some more. The more purses, handbags, wristlets etc you have to display the better. I had left the flea market and returned a year letter to sell my purses and hadn’t seen the purse lady in all that time. When I did see her she had expanded her flea market space and had what appeared to be over purses displayed. I was amazed at how nice her booth was.

Photo Tips

Crafting styles for handbags include weaving, sewing, crocheting, knitting and beading. You’ve got a flair for designing stylish handbags that make your friends and family swoon. If you’re now ready to share your talents with the rest of the world, starting a handmade handbag business from home may be in your future. It can be a business that is creatively fulfilling and can be profitable. Start up your business in a way that will work for you. Decide what you want out of the business and create both long- and short-term goals so you keep the business going in the direction you want it to go, whether that is growing into a larger enterprise or simply earning you extra money from home. Create a design that is uniquely yours. Do not use someone else’s pattern for handbags that you plan to sell unless you have entered into an arrangement with them and plan to pay them royalties. Design a handbag that you personally like, that has a specific style and that you will feel comfortable talking about and selling.

Branding is a Must

The Internet is a great marketing space to display, promote and sell your handmade clutch bags to customers all around the world. Will you do it on a platform specific to selling crafts such as Etsy or Dawanda? Or would you prefer a virtual storefront with more customization options such as Shopify or BigCommerce? A marketplace is a multi-vendor online store that enables consumers to shop for a variety of products and brands from multiple vendors across multiple locations. Marketplaces make it convenient for businesses to list and sell their products by taking care of all the operational aspects from providing a platform, integrating with payment providers, streamlining order fulfillment, to managing customer service providing customers a plethora of options while ensuring quality. The underlying idea behind a marketplace is to build a community around the common needs of retailers and consumers. Examples of popular marketplaces include Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Dawanda and others. If you are selling handmade or crafty related items, web platforms with built-in audiences like Etsy are a great place to get started selling your wares. You can immediately start benefiting from the large volume of people who are searching Etsy every day, without paying a monthly flat fee or worrying about building a site from scratch. Marketplaces such as Amazon and Etsy get oodles of traffic. They give you access to millions of potential customers. For the most part, buyers trust these sites. The infrastructure is all set up for the seller, and the marketplace handles the checkout process. They charge fees.


What to Sell?


Research Your Market



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