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How to make money selling fashion

how to make money selling fashion

Fasbion a thrill that comes from making a sale of a long-ignored top from a brand you no longer have an appetite for, which is why so many people have gone from selling a few of their early aughts tanks for extra cash to selling thousands for a downpayment on a house. Unlike many of her peers, Fashuon is not in the market for a job. And while top sellers vary on volume and product, there are many users who sell more than a million annually or multiple millions per year in gross merchandise volume. One quality that we do see across all of our top sellers is they are very sophisticated; they’re organized and some even have teams that pack and ship for. We spoke to power sellers and top earners from various resale marketplaces to find out how they turned their omney hustles makr full-blown businesses. Read on for their tips. Product sourcing can be as simple as digging through your attic for a pair of pre-loved Levi’s or running to your nearest Goodwill. Some secondhand sellers, however, have a more complex system of obtaining goods that involves working with distributors and big retailers. Shannon Jean, a California-based full-time Poshmark seller who focuses on luxury handbags, established sellong relationship with various companies by asking to buy their defective products and store returns. Essentially, he wanted their junk. Photo: Courtesy of Shannon Jean. He’s since moved on from damaged leather and onto more sought-after accessories.

First, you need to download the app.

Right now, I have two large storage bins filled with clothes and accessories I no longer wear. They’re folded and sealed in clear, self-adhesive polyurethane bags, ready to ship to buyers. These are things that, six months ago, I would’ve donated. But that was before I grasped the extent of the international online marketplace. A year ago, I was researching a story about trash you can sell on eBay — recyclables such as egg cartons, plastic caps, cardboard rolls and more fetch good prices when sold in bulk — when I stumbled across a community of people my age, with children and mortgages, who make a full-time living re-selling used clothes on eBay. This certainly wasn’t the crowd of retirees supplementing social security as I’d once imagined. If they could turn a profit on inventory snagged at thrift stores, I reasoned, I had nothing to lose by listing the clothes I already had in my closet. Here are some steps you can take to make money from clothes that you already own. I had already joined Poshmark — in , after a friend bragged about how little she’d paid for what looked like a new Marc Jacobs clutch on the platform — but had only done a handful of transactions on «the ‘Bay» over the years. So, the first thing I did was buy a few things I needed through eBay, including a scale to weigh the clothes for the most accurate shipping rate, because the feedback you receive as a buyer gives you credibility as a seller, too. I wasn’t expecting much from my first listing, a baby blue, off-shoulder dress from ASOS my previous experience on Poshmark had taught me that it can take forever for a new seller’s listings to start ranking in search results , but lo and behold, the dress sold within a week.

Where to sell

Some of the links below are affiliate links, so we may receive a commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. Check our disclosure for more info. How many jumpers and shoes do you have that you no longer wear? Let me guess…plenty! How about finding them a new home, and get some cash instead? If you are willing to put in some work and sell your old clothes online, you could be sitting on a gold mine. Selling secondhand clothes is one of my favorite ways to make money for many reasons:. Well, it really depends on what you are trying to sell.

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If that pink sweater is no longer sparking joy , whip out your mobile device. Selling your clothes online has never been easier, thanks to websites and apps that help you set up shop from the comfort of your home. And while some do all the work for you, others require snapping photos and describing your items. And be hyper-specific about the measurements and condition. Timing is everything, too. Our office can’t stop raving about this one. Get it free for iOS or Android.

The ease at which you can shop and sell items on Depop has been a major contributor to its success.

When Natalie Gomez left her job as a merchandise planner at Macy’s, she hadn’t planned on becoming her own boss. But, only a few weeks into interviewing for her next role, she realized that maybe she wouldn’t need another full-time gig. The platform that made her side hustle possible was Poshmark , a site that launched in as equal parts online retail and fashion curation. After reading about other sellers finding success selling their own used clothing, Gomez thought she’d try her hand at selling a dress in February It was black-and-white with printed cats and pockets.

First, you need to download the app.

Instead of spending weekends or school holidays washing sellibg and waiting tables, entrepreneurially minded teens are launching mini businesses to earn money online. This is largely thanks to new apps that have cropped up in recent years and enabled young shoppers to set up shop easily and buy or sell secondhand clothing and accessories.

Depop, which launched in Milan in noney has quickly gained a cult following around the world, is one of. This social shopping app counts companies such as Poshmark and ThredUp as its competitors and has been described as a mix between eBay and Instagram. It plans to use this capital to expand in the US and triple its user base.

Read more: Teens are getting rich off this social shopping app as their shopping habits change the fashion industry. According to R achel Swidenbank, vice president of marketplace at Depop, selling on the app can become a very lucrative hobby. Plus, it’s accessible to any that has a smartphone. As the cost of shipping is not determined until the item is sold the seller will not know where they are shipping it to until that pointDepop advises you to make a guesstimate that should also cover the cost of packaging.

There is a list of suggested prices in the help sidebar, and you’re required to set one price for national and then international shipping. These can’t vary by country. Sellers should keep the buyer informed on the shipping details, mark the item as «shipped,» and keep a proof of postage. If buyers ask to change the address, sellers should refund the order and ask the buyer to reorder and list the correct address.

They can also leave reviews and rate the seller. This feedback appears on the sellers’ profile page. The company’s mission is to empower these shoppers to disrupt the fashion industry and give them the chance to become entrepreneurs. Account icon An icon in the shape of a person’s head and shoulders. It often indicates a user profile. Login Subscribe. My Account. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Mary Hanbury. The ease at which you can shop and sell items on Depop has been a major contributor to its success.

First, you need to download the app. Depop will then ask you to create a username, link the account to your email address, and add a photo that represents your brand. You’ll also need to describe the style of your brand and what you’re planning to sell.

This description will appear noney under your username on your personal page. You can how to make money selling fashion link to your Instagram page to promote yourself. Next, you set up your billing address fashhion and link your account to your PayPal. This is where all payments are sellinf. It’s as simple as. Once you have a profile, you can start listing new items for sale. Depop advises sellers to post at least four photos and a video to give the item its best chance of selling.

You’re asked to select sselling category that the item falls. These are umbrella categories, such as menswear, womenswear, or sports equipment, for example. You can add a more detailed description of the item in another box.

At this point, you’re also asked to set the shipping costs and decide whether you are prepared to ship the item internationally, which is usually more expensive.

Lastly, add the price of the item you’re listing. There are no set guidelines for pricing, but sellers are advised to benchmark their prices against other products listed on the app. Customers can like, comment on, or save an item to their profile, much like you can on Instagram.

Depop has amassed more than 13 million customers in countries since launching inaccording to the company. Walkthrough Apps Apparel.


The ease at which you can shop and sell items on Depop has been a major contributor to its success.

While there are many surprising things you can sell onlineclothing is one of the most versatile products. Or, you can do it consistently as a business by buying at a local thrift store for resale. To make a business of it, you will need an eye for bargains on designer or vintage goods. These six sites each work a bit differently, in terms of what items they buy and sell, how they pay taking a commission or purchasing directly from youand how shipping works. Read the descriptions and visit the sites to see which one will work for you. With this website that buys and sells women’s and kids clothes, handbags, shoes, and accessories, you send off your clothes in a bag with a pre-paid mailing label and then wait to see what they are worth. ThredUp determines the value and pays you via PayPal, a pre-paid Visa, or store credit. In a few cases, items might be consigned instead of purchased from ThredUp. In the case of consignment, you can set the price, and have the ability to lower the price after a pre-determined amount of time if the item doesn’t sell. The clothes must be defect-free and sought-after brands.

6 Tips from Powersellers on Selling Stuff and Making Money Online

Instead of spending weekends or school holidays washing dishes and waiting tables, entrepreneurially minded teens are launching mini businesses to earn money online. This is largely thanks to new apps that have cropped up in recent years and enabled young shoppers to set up shop easily and buy or sell secondhand clothing and accessories. Depop, which launched in Milan in and has quickly gained a cult following around the world, is one of. This social shopping app counts companies such as Poshmark and ThredUp as its competitors and has been described as a mix between eBay and Instagram.


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