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Easy college majors that make money

easy college majors that make money

Most innovative compensation technology backed by the most experienced team in the industry. Buy our surveys. Learn. Get a Live Demo. Education is expensive. We allowed the degree holder four years to graduate. The total cost included tuition, room and board, and books, and did not factor in scholarships or grants. We then determined the median cash compensation over the course najors 30 years of typical jobs requiring that degree using Salary. We used current Salary. To determine ROI, we subtracted the cost of the degree from eeasy gains over 30 years, then divided that figure by cost.

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Think that art history major is a good idea? Think again. The major ranks low on PayScale’s report on best- and worst-paying college degrees for future earning potential. Since having a career that is both rewarding and financially stable often starts in the classroom, it’s important to know that there are many popular college majors that may seem interesting and cater to passions but aren’t worth what you pay to get them. PayScale’s report, released last month, shows the best and worst bachelor’s degrees by salary potential. PayScale is an online salary, benefits and compensation data company. If making money is important to you, here are 15 college majors to avoid that have low earnings potential — even 10 years into a career. Students can specialize in landscape design, floral design, nursery management or greenhouse management, among others. To earn a bachelor’s degree, students will study topics including sustainability, landscapes, turf management and horticultural therapy. There is also a large science component to the degree, with classes in plant biology, botany, propagation and soils, among those required.

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I found my online school there and I’m very satisfied. Can you guess what the highest-paying majors are i. When it comes to choosing a focus for college, it’s important to know which programs generally lead to stellar incomes. Sure, the best college majors are in fields that appeal to your interests and offer opportunities for growth. But what if you could have all that while also earning an amazing paycheck? Even better, right? As you might expect, the majors that tend to pay the most come from the science, technology, engineering , and math STEM disciplines. In fact, 11 of the top 15 are engineering programs. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make a decent living in a non-STEM field. Above-average earnings can also be had in areas ranging from business and health care to agriculture and public service. The following lists of college majors as well as the median earnings for each major are based on a report from the Center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University. The report ranked different college majors by the median salaries of full-time workers with bachelor’s degrees.

Is College Still Worth the Money? Maybe.

Last Updated: Feb 06, Chief executives occupy a number of key administrative roles in corporations, agencies, and other settings. Computer and information systems managers handle the technological needs of corporations and organizations through planning and coordinating computer and technological activities. Architectural and engineering managers combine management and leadership with expertise in architecture and engineering fields. Marketing managers handle marketing operations for corporations and other organizations. Individuals in this field may occupy a variety of roles, all dedicated to ensuring commercial airplanes and flights run safely and smoothly. Financial managers oversee the financial health of corporations and organizations. Sales managers direct the sales activities of organizations. Compensation and benefits managers oversee compensation programs in organizations to make sure employees are paid on time, and receive their full employee benefits. Computer hardware engineers engage in the development of computer systems and hardware components.

16. Horticulture

Hey college students! Starting to think about graduation already? Have you got your eyes set on landing your first job—and pulling in a sweet paycheck? So what are the best college majors associated with the highest paying jobs? Glad you asked.

1. Engineering


These Careers Are Worth the Price of College Admission

Thank you. I was good at STEM stuff, math and physics specifically. These were far «easier» to me than liberal arts The high paying jobs are going to easyy concentrated in the STEM, business and medicine fields, but no degree that you don’t have an interest in is going to be «easy». It doesn’t make eash sense to spend time and money to get an education for a job that you absolutely HATE, just because the classes were «easy».

You don’t HAVE to go to college to find a well paying job if you’re willing to work for it. Talk to some people in your local trade unions about apprentice programs.

None — easy is all on you. You might find engineering easy while I might find it hard — alternatively, I might find economics easy while you find hhat hard. Those majors commonly thought of as «easy» usually do not pay much i. As with anything else in life, you get out something of equal value to the work you put in.

You could major in fine arts and skate through and be mjors struggling actor all your life or you can major in fine arts, put in lots of work casting calls, community theater, acting classes above and beyond and become the next movie star. And they qualify you to work the same entry-level jobs as everyone else that doesn’t have a degree.

Want a decent paycheck and opportunity for career advancement? Don’t major in comparative religion joney women’s studies.

If you want to be paid well, you need to have a set of job skills that other people don’t. Obtaining specific job skills that will prepare you for a career in engineering, medicine or accounting is harder than writing opinion papers on feminism or Buddhism.

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College is Expensive


The 15 Highest-Paying Majors Overall



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