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Make money selling graphic novels

make money selling graphic novels

Since the time she could write, Raina Telgemeier kept a journal in a comic-book format, illustrating her emotions with words and pictures. After graduating from art school, she went to work in publishing while creating her own comics and selling them for a dollar at comics conventions across the country. A chance meeting with an editor at Scholastic led to her first book deal to turn the beloved young adult series The Baby-Sitters Club into graphic novels. Her bestselling first original novel, Smilewas published in and became an international best seller. She has published three additional original novels; her fourth, Ghostswas just released. Telgemeier sources her own life experiences to tell stories her young readers can relate to. Her message to them: normal stories are important. When I was 9, I discovered comics in the newspaper and I instantly connected with the combination of words and pictures.

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With the excitement of flying through the air, shape shifting, super powers and saving citizens across the world, comics are quick page-turners filled with action and color. If reading someone else’s work just doesn’t satisfy your itch toward creativity, and you’d rather make money than spend it, put your own super powers to work making a comic book to call your own. You won’t need to change in a telephone booth or with a special green ring, but making and selling a comic book does require planning and concentration worthy of a superhero. Brainstorm your characters and plot lines. Determine whether you want to create a tribute comic — one based on existing characters such as Electra or Wonder Woman — or new characters of your own. Keep in mind that existing characters are licensed and copy written, meaning you can’t make money off them. These help you sketch out the basics of the comic book in a linear fashion. Draw the comic by hand or using a graphics software program panel by panel. Use thick black outlines for a traditional comic look. If drawing by hand, ink in the panels or use one of the software program’s paint and colored pencil options to complete the traditional comic colors. Add text so your comic characters have something to say. Draw or use the software to make the traditional comic «bubbles» that appear over the characters’ heads.

Why Make Money Selling Graphics Online?

Do you have graphic novels to sell? Wondering how much your graphic novels are worth? Selling A Phone? The next most expensive graphic novel was a That compares to a CGC 9. If a Phone To Sell? Even the most collectible graphic novels typically do not command hundreds or thousands of dollars. For example, even though a mint

2. If possible, sell in person

Sounds like a strong career, right? Bank holidays are just that: holidays for the bank. I work on my birthday. How does she survive? Berry has to rely on what so many other cartoonists do: a partner with a job:. As a fine, upstanding feminist, this does not make me feel good about myself. Oh yeah one other thing. A mice professional package. I noticed that they have a Patreon campaign and I checked it out.

1. Organize

So here are a few tips for how to jump-start the process and where to sell comic books. For newer or less valuable comics, it could also be a good idea to group them by arc, ensuring that people can buy the whole story. While sites like eBay or Sell My Comic Books can be good, you might be able to get a slightly better deal in person. Unsurprisingly, stores want to try to make a profit and might low-ball you to increase their bottom line. However, consulting them can be a good way to figure out if you have anything valuable and a starting price range. You can then take this information to a dealer or eBay and get a little more bang for your buck. The following web sites should help. SMCB is a good resource for the confused or amateur seller. It offers advice, appraisals, resources, and more and generally receives high reviews from users. They offer similar services to Sell My Comic Books but on a larger scale.

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We buy graphic novels! The simple way to ggaphic valuable graphic novels today. Selling via our app is even quicker, as the camera on your mobile device acts as a useful scanner to provide all the details we need to make a cash offer for your graphic novel. It really is that simple!

We will buy any kind of graphic novels. Many of noovels Marvel Graphic Novels series are extremely valuable, and these were first issued in Some of these valuable graphic novels had small print runs, so are very rare, which makes them highly prized by collectors. Our mobile app works with iOS or Android devices and is a quick, simple way to get a price for your graphic novel within minutes. For more information on how to joney money and sell graphic novels using our app, please feel free to give our customer care team a call on Sell My Items.

We’ll only use this email address to send you your voucher code. You’ll have the option to manage your preferences if you chose to create an account with us. Sell Graphic Novels Get Value. Please wait Graaphic Again. To continue adding items please create a quick account.

E-Mail Address:. Confirm Make money selling graphic novels. Please send me exclusive voucher codes and latest news by e-mail. I agree to the terms and conditions. Create a Quick Account Already have an account? Click here to log in. No Items in Search. We Buy Books — Sell graphic novels We buy graphic novels! How can I sell my graphic novels to you? Give your unwanted books a second home using WeBuyBooks.

Get an instant online offer today. How it works. Tell me more about how it works How it works. What graphic novels can I sell? We’re famous Do you buy graphic novels in any condition? Login Register. Get the Mobile Sellling. How It Works. Get My Voucher Code No thanks. Thank Mony Ok, Thank you! Oops, there was an error. Ok, Grpahic try again! Sell more, make more!

02. Host a Skillshare class

Although graphic novels have been gaining critical recognition, as well as sales, over a period of 15 years, many booksellers still have not made the plunge into starting a section in their stores, or if they have, it consists of half a shelf tucked into a back corner and unseen by most customers. This causes a lot of booksellers to claim that graphic novels don’t sell. Graphc fact, graphic novels boast remarkably low returns, turn faster than other segments and draw fiercely loyal customers. In all of the cities that I visit, it’s rare that I find a bookstore, or even a comic book store, that does a mqke job with graphic novels. Don’t they see that we’re selling these books? Booksellers are increasingly getting the message. David Parizek, national buyer for the Follett chain of college bookstores, initiated a graphic novel section in 20 of the chain’s stores last October after seeing how strikingly successful the section was in one of their stores. That store, the Savannah School of Art and Design, has one of the largest sequential art departments in the country. It’s really catching on, but it is sort of a slow process to develop a section. Robert Boyd, of LPC Distribution, has one of the most convincing arguments for stocking graphic novels and doing it. Basically, they all sell.


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