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Can you make money with a degree in philosophy

can you make money with a degree in philosophy

Latest Issue. Past Issues. Every year, the company surveys 1. It’s not terribly surprising to see those graduates doing well in the labor market. Experts say that while philosophy majors might not come out of college with the skill-set that phiosophy majors have, they have creative problem solving abilities that sets them apart. Approximately half of the luxury-condo units that have come onto the market in the past five years are still unsold.

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The best reason to major in philosophy would be that you love it. But other reasons for majoring in philosophy are discussed in these:. What we learn by studying the field of philosophy includes:. Having studied these things, you might not know for certain what the answer to any particular basic philosophical question is, but you will be able to make your mind up about what to think from a position in which you are more fully conscious of what the alternatives are, and what their known strengths and weaknesses are. This gives you a kind of freedom to responsibly decide for yourself what to think that, alas, not everyone enjoys. The study of philosophy develops many skills, including:. After graduation, philosophy majors go to law school, to medical school, to business school, to seminary, and to graduate school in a range of fields from art business to education to gender studies to philosophy; they go to work for business consulting firms and for humanitarian non-government organizations; they take jobs as technical writers, teachers, web designers…. Law schools know that philosophy is one of the best pre-law majors.

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Individuals pursue philosophy degrees for a variety of reasons outside personal enrichment. In fact, major companies increasingly value the analytical thinking taught in philosophy programs, and philosophy majors consistently outperform other majors in standardized test scores and midcareer earnings. Career options for philosophy majors can be found in areas like teaching and research, public administration, business, law, and journalism. Knowing what you want to study ahead of time can prepare you to take the most direct path toward success; this planning can be invaluable, as some philosophy degree jobs require many years of education. The skills a philosophy major gains while completing college coursework can serve as valuable assets for the rest of their lives. In addition to examining life’s deepest questions, the discipline cultivates many of the skills listed below. The skills a philosophy major gains during the completion of their college courses hold value for the rest of their lives. In addition to examining life’s deepest questions, the discipline cultivates all the skills listed below. While this skill is typically associated with artists, writers, and musicians, thinking philosophically requires imagination and mental dexterity. Forming and expanding upon original thoughts is a vital skill; philosophy requires one to analyze, question, and argue different perspectives.

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A philosophy major is one of the classic academic fields. With a rich history and deep subject matter, this type of education might seem too broad and unfocused for some. In fact, you will certainly find detractors who think a philosophy major is an unwise decision. However, this degree gives you plenty of skills, helping you become a high-quality candidate for many employers. See Online Philosophy Degrees! As a graduate of a philosophy program, you will have many skills that can be transferred to the professional world, but probably the most important is your basic intellectual skills, which include critical thinking, problem solving, and synthesizing ideas. These intellectual skills run through all of your classes, and they can be applied to virtually any industry and any profession. These communication skills include written and oral communication, which will be developed through class discussions, group studies, long and short papers, and presentations.

can you make money with a degree in philosophy

Why Major in Philosophy? A Look at the Skills

I found my online school there and I’m very satisfied. Jobs for philosophy majors are more common—and often better-paying—than you might think. It’s true: Although «philosopher» may not be a very common job title, philosophy graduates are thriving in many career sectors. That’s because the skills you can acquire by studying philosophy are highly valued and suitable for all kinds of fulfilling and meaningful careers. So, in terms of practical concerns like earning money, what can you do with a philosophy degree? To arrive at the answer, you first need to consider the most fundamental goal of studying this subject: Philosophy students learn how to think, not what to think. That’s essential, since thinking clearly and logically is one of the most important transferable skills of the 21st century. After all, modern life is complicated. Organizations of every type regularly face tough decisions. That’s why more and more managers now recognize the importance of hiring people who can consider multiple viewpoints and get to the heart of complex issues. They need sharp thinkers and concise communicators. Still, you may run into people who have preconceived ideas that earning a philosophy degree won’t make you very employable. Well-meaning friends and relatives may ask, «Why major in philosophy? The information below will help you answer the doubters and maybe settle a few questions of your own.

Do Philosophy Grads Make Money? Surprising Salary Stats

We need more welders and less philosophers. Today, he doubled-down on his riff during a campaign stop at the Jersey Grille in Davenport, Iowa. The fortunes of philosophers — or at least philosophy majors — are a mixed bag, ranging from college teaching adjuncts who can barely pay their rent to tech entrepreneurs. In general, humanities and liberal arts majors tend to have high unemployment rates 9. Bar none, philosophy majors have the highest salary growth trajectory from entry to mid-career. According to PayScale. Since people with philosophy degrees do many things, one way to track them is by earnings regardless of their day job. This does not diminish the value of welding and the skilled trades one bit, or the need to look at revamping training and apprenticeships. Crawford who, depending on the day of the week, transforms into Prof. Matthew B. Crawford, Ph. Obama also made vocational education part of his plan to expand community college access , urging schools to teach basic skills and do adult education.

What can you do with a philosophy degree?

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Get involved in philosophical discussions about knowledge, truth, language, consciousness, science, politics, religion, logic and mathematics, art, history, and lots. No ads, no clutter, and very little agreement — just fascinating conversations. Forum Members Articles. Is it possible to make money with Philosophy? John Pingo 5. Is it possible to earn money enough to live, not a lots of money being philosopher? Is teaching in class the only way to make money with Philosophy? John Pingo Options Share. Terrapin Station There are jobs that are kind of philosophy related like being a medical ethicist.

What Can I Do With a Philosophy Degree? 24 Great Jobs



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