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Buy money making websites

buy money making websites

Note: Years ago, I was using a strategy to build passive income where I was buying and selling websites. The reason why I decided to go looking to buy websites was because I was not satisfied with the income I was generating from blogging. I wanted to use the revenue generated from blogging and reinvest it to accelerate my income growth, but I was wary of increasing my labor as a result of any purchases. I had already experienced what happens after buying another blog when I acquired SmallBusinessBranding. For the months that followed the purchase of Small Business Branding I came to a very clear understanding that while buying additional blogs can increase your income unless you come up with an alternative content model to writing it all yourself, you end up significantly increasing your workload. There is only so much blogging one person can do, and if you read through the archives of this blog you will see I have thought considerably about using blogs as a passive income source and eventually changed the structure of Small Business Branding to reflect a better model see How To Outsource Your Blogging for details and also my series on professional blogging as a sustainable business model. If the people who use your website also create the content, thus generate the value, and even better — spread the word market for you — then you have the perfect formula for passive income. Forums are one of the best and simplest examples of a user generated content site, but unfortunately forums are notoriously hard to monetize and take forever to gain traction if you start them from scratch. However I knew, based on my previous experience owning a forum, that I could make them work and as a result I focused on locating forums as my main site acquisition targets.

How Pros Make Money Online

Hey guys, Spencer here. Thinking of Buying an Established Online Business? First off is an interview with Hayden Miyamoto. He also just started a new company called Kingmakers that is an accelerator that helps and gives people the opportunity to buy their first established internet business for sale. He just launched the business and is offering free consultation calls where he and his team will answer questions related to purchasing businesses that business owners are looking to get sold. If you are thinking about acquiring a business, I would highly recommend you get in touch with him and his team! With that said, please enjoy this interview:. Spencer: Hayden, welcome back! If you would, please give us a little more background on yourself and your story. Hayden: Thanks for having me again Spencer!

Best Ways To Make Money Online

With these strategies, you can start paving the road to financial freedom — or at least build a lucrative side hustle. Building a website from scratch and optimizing it to attract the right kind of traffic will likely take a lot of time and effort before you have a site that you can sell for a decent return. Plus, the less you know about building a profitable website, the longer it will take for you to get up to speed due to the learning curve involved. Most website startups crash and burn within the first year. Building from scratch is a major risk of your time and money. The first thing a savvy investor wants to know when considering a new investment is its potential return. Where else are you going to get those kinds of returns? Not everyone has thousands of dollars they can afford to sink into investments for months or years at a time. Here are some ideas that can help get you started buying and selling websites without having to tap your bank account:. Then, they improve the properties and sell them for a profit. You could apply this same investment model to digital properties.

buy money making websites

How to Make Money Online Without a Website

Maybe you want to create a separate stream of income to pay a few bills? Whatever your reason, the internet has created a ton of different ways to earn money. However, making money online can be lucrative, as there are many scams and ineffective methods out there. One of the longest-running ways to make money online is through your own website.

Ways to Buy and Sell Websites Using Other People’s Money


Buying vs. Building a Website

When it comes to finding ways to monetize your website and making money online, the best thing I have found, is to use a variety of different techniques and to always be testing. This blog makes money by selling our own online courses, software and other peoples products as an affiliate. It can take a huy to work out how to best make money from a website. Building an email list can make you a lot of money, help you build a solid brand and of course help readers come back to your site, time after time.

Email marketing can be seen to make you money in a few different ways, such as direct email promotions, to deliver free reports that are monetized and my favorite, to drive traffic back to your site where you make money from other methods. Gone are the days of finding it hard to get people to subscribe to your website. A few years ago, we sebsites a lightbox popup to IncomeDiary.

At the time, most websites hated the idea of using popups because of the negative association people have with. But these popups are different. Instead of popping up in another browser window, they popup as part of the page you are on.

It was a lot less intrusive. After seeing the massive results, we decided to create our own software, so that other website owners can experience the same huge gains we. Now it seems like every site uses popups and despite that fact, they still perform so well! Love it or hate it but a big reason for the success of popup opt-ins is down to this site you are on right.

Another list building technique you should be trying, is a squeeze page. A squeeze page is a dedicated page on your site to getting a visitor to sign up for your mailing list. You can see an example of a page sebsites this by checking out our squeeze page for our Traffic Domination report!

Here is an example of a squeeze page we created with Optimizepress for our photography blog:. In order to start collecting emails, you need to sign up for Aweberwhich hosts your emails, which you use to send messages, create follow up campaigns, split test. Personally I would defintely recommend getting some popup software. We currently use OptiMonk which looks like the best option on the market. You could also use PopUp Dominationwhich is a lower price option. Remember: What this means is we receive a commission when you buy.

Fortunately nearly all products that exist, have an affiliate program. For example: PopUp Domination Affiliate. This should bring up moneyy affiliate page, if they have an affiliate program. In my experience, affiliate marketing works best when paired up with email marketing. Top marketers consistently agree, year after year, that email marketing is their most important income source. Combine that with affiliate marketing and you have a winner.

There are so many ways to go about finding a product to bhy, it often depends on your industry. For a fitness blog, you could go to Clickbank, find a product about six pack abs and grab an advertising banner from their resources area and put it up on my website.

We have a photography blog. One of the ways we use affiliate marketing is to promote the cameras and accessories that we use. All of these are available on Amazon. So we signed up for Amazons Associate program and receive a commission every time a customer buys something through our link.

We also get a commission on anything else in their shoppingcart which is kind of. One of the best tips I can give you for maximizing affiliate sales, is to make sure that the products you are promoting, are as targeted as possible to your content.

Most websites have advertising space, it could monej on the sidebar, above or below blog posts. The mistake most website owners make is, always showing the same advert, on all pages.

Using condition marketingwe display different adverts depending on the topic of the page. This is done by creating conditions for different tags, categories and authors. For example, any blog post with the tag make money online, will show an advert about making money online and any post with the tag drive traffic, will show an advert about the best ways to drive traffic to your site.

This kind of targeting will significantly boost your conversions. You can find out more about creating a product and selling it online by reading these posts. Personally I think your first steps websotes be to ask your audience what they want to know more about, create a product around that and sell it! When it comes to selling any product miney your own, I recommend using SamCart for your checkout page, upsells and affiliate program.

They have a free trial, so make sure to try it. The most popular way to make wdbsites from a website is by placing ads on it. The biggest downside of website adverting, is that most people know what they look like and avoid clicking. It all depends on you. Is this a business for you or is this just an opportunity to make a bit more money? I always lean towards finding advertisers. In my experience you get paid more, build better partnerships and can do a better job for.

Be warned, Google does not like the practice of buying and selling text links. People buy text links because Google rank sites better based on quantity and quality of links.

When you link to someone, you are telling search engines that you trust this site and you are giving them some of your authority. Google likes this to happen organically. People looking to hire someone will post a job on your board and readers will apply for the job.

This is a great method of monetizing a website which I have seen done by a lot of authority websites. Jobs can be anything from, writers to trainers. As for websies software to use, I recommend you check out Fiverr.

They have a selection of freelancers who specialise in creating job board websites. When it comes to marketing your job board, you will want to use some of your advertising space to promote the job board so that readers will see it and apply for jobs. Charge a low price maaking the beginning so that you can attract a lot of customers and if they get applications they will be happy to return. Selling services is a very popular technique people use to make money from a website and is often the reason for them building a blog in the first place.

They want to get more clientsto do that they need to get traffic and blogs are great for that! The makiing way to start selling your services on your blog is to create a new page within WordPress and call it services. Here you can put in the information about what you offer, testimonials and a buy now button.

I know quite a few people who review products on their blogs, it makes great content and if the product you are reviewing has an affiliate program, can make you a lot of money. The idea is simply, people come to your website because they want to read your content.

They love it and want. So you offer them even better content, for a price. Once you have set it up, you will want to focus on marketing it. For best results, I recommend focusing on email marketing and adding an advert at the bottom of every page, mentioning that if they liked what they have read so far, they should take a look at your even better paid content.

Another option websitfs be to websited an affiliate program for your membership site. This not only will increase sales but will bring you even more traffic.

For billing, checkout pages, upsell pages maoing affiliate program software, I recommend you use SamCart. If you want someone else to setup your membership website, you can hire someone to do this on Fiverr. In some ways, this is actually beneficial to the reader, say you have a website about becoming a model, in the directory could be a section for photographers, where photographers pay to list their services.

Models will come and look for the right person to take pictures of them for their portfolio, helpful and profitable. Just like a job board, I would add adverts to my blog, promoting the directory to make sure customers are happy with the number of people seeing their ad and the traffic they. Webinars are great at selling high price products, either a the product mmaking or as an affiliate.

Alternatively, you could set up a free webinar that you replay once a week, teach something and then at the end you sell them into 4 more webinars.

Once you complete the webinar series, you now have a product that you can sell as a home study course. Here is a great introduction to how to sell with webinars. What I do to create a tutorial, is I start with the product, find one that you are using and you get a lot out of, it of course needs to have an affiliate program.

Then do a tutorial about doing something using that tool. So for example it could be a post about Photography and take a specific type of photo but you need this lens to do it. All this can help you write a best selling book. Publishing a book can allow you to then launch a product because people always want more, also a more exciting prospect is being paid to speak. Someone in your industry who blogs, will also have published a book, help them and they will help you. Just like selling consulting and services, you could also use your blog to sell live training, workshops and seminars.

Having a workshop means they learn from you and implement with you, this is a very attractive offer to some people and they are willing to pay high prices to do it. Another thing makinng consider is buy money making websites the event and then selling that as a product on your blog.

Ring up a hotel, book a conference room, now you have a date, write a blog post and send everyone on your mailing list to that page.

Mention your event every where and keep hustling! Apart from that, all you NEED to do is create your slides and turn up. Selling your website can make you very wealthy, or huy could be just a nice retirement fund.

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