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How much money do youtubers with 100000 subs make

how much money do youtubers with 100000 subs make

A lot of people think making a living on 10000 is impossible. Society sees being a YouTuber as not having a real job. But, since many have turned their channels into successful businesses, people have started to wonder how much do YouTubers make from their channels. However, they represent a small number of channels that make insanely large amounts of money. Just take a look at the earnings 10000 these top YouTubers. Most people believe this level of financial success is not even a possibility. However, smaller channels can earn a good income without needing to become huge. Even channels with less than a million subscribers have been able to leverage the opportunities on hand to earn from multiple income streams, which allowed them to leave their office jobs. To know how much money YouTubers make, we need to take a look at how YouTubers make money from their channels. Ad revenue is affected by many factors. But this all depends on monetized views and not the total number of people who watched a video. But there are ways to figure out how much ad revenue a channel makes.

How to earn money on YouTube

By Amy Baker — The above is an oversimplification. There are a lot of averages being used, a whole lot of assumptions being made, and many factors being ignored. Basically — the above answer is incorrect. I know you wanted it to be simple. You want to be able to set a goal and work toward that subscriber number, so you too can earn that much. But if this is important to you — I suggest looking on a job board for an actual salaried career, because there will never be a set monetary value associated with this job. The average cost per thousand views varies massively. It also varies by country, by topic, by the time of year, by audience age, by audience income, by demand, and even by YouTuber.

Estimated Total Earnings by Video

How much money a creator will earn from a single YouTube video varies, but there are some factors that can help boost revenue. Creators become eligible to earn money by placing ads within their videos through YouTube’s Partner Program. These ads are filtered by Google and creators get paid a certain amount based on factors like a video’s watch time, length, and viewer demographic. One YouTube creator told Business Insider that lengthening her videos to over 10 minutes long has helped her channel earn more money because she can place more ads. Other YouTube influencers said that placing about four ads on a single video is a common technique used to maximize the revenue you earn from Google AdSense. Creators on YouTube earn a certain amount of money based on their CPM rate, or cost per 1, video views. It can change based on factors like where the viewers of the video are located and what type of advertisers are interested in the content. Business Insider spoke to YouTube influencers who broke down how much they earned from a video with , views, 1 million views, and 4 million views. Read the full post here: YouTube creator Natalie Barbu breaks down how much money she earns from a video with , views. Read the full post here: YouTube star Shelby Church breaks down how much money a video with 1 million views makes her. Read the full post here: YouTube star Shelby Church breaks down how much money a video with 4 million views made her.

Design Your Life. Follow Your Passion. Become An Influencer.

You might make it big, and you might even have millions of fans. So the estimates here are approximate. But they’re still depressing enough to convince any sensible person hoping for a career as a YouTube star to start looking for a Plan B. And it’s steadily getting worse.

how much money do youtubers with 100000 subs make

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1. The top 3 percent of YouTube channels get 90 percent of the traffic.


most popular

The purpose of this article is not to find how much money other YouTuber are making. Honestly, that should not be any of your concern. Rather, if you are looking to start your own YouTube channel and wants to get an estimate of how how much money do youtubers with 100000 subs make potential revenue you can make down the line, this article is for you. Also when you run a YouTube channel for so long, you not only open few other small channels but also meet up with other YouTubers.

That said, if you are expecting answers to question like — how much money do you make per views on YouTubethen this article is not for you. There is no way, anyone can tell you the exact numbers. The reason being, youtjbers of his video was less than 2 mins long — too short for advertisers to play their ads.

In my opinion, YouTube is not the biggest money-making platform. Which is why most medium to big size YouTubers have several ways of generating money. You may have noticed a sec ad at the beginning of many YouTube videos. Google shows ads on your videos and you receive a percentage of revenue from advertisement. The split is Fair enough! This can be done in the form of brand partnerships, product placement, selling a clothing line.

There are other means as well like Patreon, Amazon Affiliates or even selling your own merchandise. You can find more information on FameBit. Most full-time YouTubers make more money from the second means i. We also do sponsor videos on our YouTube channel. Pewdiepie may be biggest YouTubers when it comes subscriber counts, but guess what, a 7-year-old boy made hoe most money in by unboxing toys and building Legos.

She also mentioned, the revenue was quite youfubers to cover basic expenses of production. These numbers stayed consistent after one year.

Nick dl videos related to bodybuilding. The video was made back inthe wkth has grown a lot in a few years. Mwke this channel, I review the gadgets I owned for more than 3 months.

But since it never took off, I quit uploading videos on it. So, this should give you an idea of passive earning on YouTube, once you leave your channel for a few years. Well, we learn two things from it. One, Pewdipie makes a fortune out of YouTube. However, this is the best case scenario. He quit YouTube as full-time once he graduated. Now, r emove the last 3 digits of view i. Recently, Socialblade also built a YouTube earnings calculatorwhich unfortunately is not much accurate.

Therefore, I suggest you analyze the traffic yourself and use the above calculation. That will give you much better results. The production cost that includes — camera, editing, lighting, studio, etc are pretty high and the returns are not so good, at least in the beginning. If I can do it, you can do it. Mrinal is a tech geek who spends half of his day reading and writing about tech. While the nights are spent on shooting or editing YouTube videos. Feel free to geek out with him on.

Mrinal Saha Mrinal is a tech geek who spends half of his day reading and writing about tech. You may also like. October 11, Are Email Addresses Case Sensitive? Quick Experiment August 9, How to Block Adult Websites on your Window August 3, May 13, April 5, How to Tell if an Image Has Been March 16,


How Much Money do YouTubers make


Making Money Via Ads



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