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Elite make money as courier

elite make money as courier

I don’t have much flying experience at the moment so don’t want to get into any dog-fights by trading dodgy stuff. FSD, Docking, Comms. It’s like Courier, but you need to deliver prohibited goods for which you can get penalty or be attacked. If you want be a trader buy Type-6 Transporter, fighter — Eagle, smuugler or courier some fast ships eg. Cobra Mk. About dog fights, if you have some cargo pirates can attack you even if you make some missions so you need to be carefull. Interface in Elite is simple, press 1 default and from list choose destination than pres J default to enter hyperspace J elite make money as courier even with supercruise.

Finding goods for delivery missions

All rights reserved. All other trademarks and copyright are acknowledged as the property of their respective owners. Privacy and cookies policy Contact Donation. Logbook entry. After playing ED casually for over a year, I started getting more serious with transport missions, seeking to increase my capacity and getting what feels comfortable and productive for an hour’s work. For a couple months I couldn’t find the right stations or missions to make more than k per mission. I tried doing multi-trip runs ferrying k units, but the effort didn’t match the income that I could get with individual missions. I then tried those while in a wing, and while easier, it still didn’t feel right. I felt dependent and upset that transporting couldn’t be a career choice in ED. Meanwhile, a friend of mine had picked up mining and making a couple hundred million in a few hours. This added to my feelings of unfairness, that only one profession could be lucrative. I set out to solve this problem for myself and protect my roleplay.

Making the most money from courier missions

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Having not played for a long time, finally picking up Horizons, and knowing Frontier likes to change how things work, I’m not sure what makes good money now. Before I could Bounty Hunt and make pretty decent bank in a short time frame, but the systems I used to frequent now aren’t offering as much and also my weapons don’t seem nearly effective as they used to be Mining was under heavy changes when I did play 2. Passenger missions seem somewhat profitable, but also very time consuming if I accidentally pick the «wrong» passenger. Basic Mission board seems to have some chunks of k for a quick delivery or something, which doesn’t seem like much Exploration was decent I’m guessing that means less bonus bank. EDIT: Now that 2. This question is even more important with the «new threat» now joining us and Re-buy still being very high Edit 2: Updated again March to include new methods introduced in the Beyond patch, as well as remove information that was invalidated by that patch.

elite make money as courier

Using the left-hand Target panel

Elite Dangerous has been out for just over a month, and while it isn’t quite as belligerently opaque as something like Eve Online, there are certainly esoteric elements that can make the game quite hard to get to grips with. Thank goodness for the Christmas break, then, and a chance to wrap our heads around the finer details of life in space. Based on that experience, we’ve put together a guide to Elite that will give you all the information you need to get out there, and get sampling all of the core activities in the game. We’re not covering every facet of the game in minute detail, as there are plenty of detailed guides out there for those who wish to dig deeper, but if you work through all of the items covered in this article you’ll get a quick taste of what the game’s about, and what might tickle your fancy in the long run. Elite Dangerous — how to travel within and between star systems A quick guide to travelling between different star systems, making journeys within those systems, and getting in and out of Stations safely. Elite Dangerous — how to use maps and plan routes How to scope out space using the game’s map systems, use Elite’s route-planning tools, and generally make your way from over here to over there. Elite Dangerous — how to make money from missions Making the most of the game’s mission system to make the most money. Elite Dangerous — dogfighting and combat survival How to get to grips with the basics of dogfighting in Elite Dangerous, and live to fight another day. Elite Dangerous — trading tips and tricks A quick guide to the science of tracking down cheap goods, finding lucrative markets to offload them in, and making profit as efficiently as possible.

In this guide to the Elite: Dangerous you will find plenty of tips and pieces of information which will help you with taking your first steps in your galactic career. From tips concerning the basic flight system up to the choice of a controller, earning money and acquiring the Elite rank. This guide is based on the 1. You will find here the description of every ship, piece of equipment, a detailed info on the market aspect and so on. In Elite: Dangerous the player assumes control of a remote interstellar ship and travels to the far reaches of the universe, performing various tasks, and getting rich thanks to the trade. The action takes place in the distant future, in a time when humanity had colonized countless planetary systems. In the universe created by the developers, the dominant role is played by the three superpowers — the Empire, the Federation, and the Independent. The essence of the game is simple — at the start we get a small ship and a hundred credits, then we are thrown into the Milky Way with billion stars, and it depends only on us what we will do. We decide whether to become a stellar merchant, a pirate, a bounty hunter, an assassin, an explorer, a miner, or we can also freely combine these activities. The game features a dynamic combat system which takes into account the principles of physics of the space.


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