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What jobs do women make less money

what jobs do women make less money

A full-time female employee earned While this is certainly an improvement, progress has slowed between and In many of the largest occupations in the country, women earn close to what men do on a weekly basis. In others, however, the disparity remains closer to the levels. Median weekly earnings among female workers in all of the 10 occupations with the widest gender pay gap were less than three-quarters of what males earned. The typical female personal financial adviser brought in just The job was mame predominantly male. Truck drivers are frequently on the road for long stretches at a time, and work demanding hours. The low percentage of females entering the truck driving profession may account in part for the wide pay gap.

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Of the 10 occupations with the largest pay gap between men and women, four are in the finance industry. That’s according to a new report from financial technology company SmartAsset. SmartAsset analyzed data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics from that breaks down the median weekly earnings for full-time wage and salaried workers by occupation and gender. Each of the jobs listed here has at least 50, employees of each gender, and SmartAsset excluded BLS occupational listings that include the phrase «all other,» as they can include workers from several occupations and don’t present a clear picture of employee pay. The occupation with the second largest pay gap is administrative services managers. There are two occupations in which women outearn men. Using the same methodology, SmartAsset also calculated the occupations with the smallest pay gap. Here are the 10 jobs in the U.

Since we have started tracking the gender pay gap, the difference between the earnings of women and men has shrunk. But significant disparity in how men and women are paid still remains. What often gets lost in translation is what the uncontrolled wage gap truly represents — that women are less likely to hold high-level, high-paying jobs than men. There are structural barriers which keep women from advancing in the workplace— this is what we call the opportunity gap. This year, we took a close look at the intersection of gender and race and examined how the gender wage gap differs for women of various races. We also examine the opportunity gap for women of different races. Between January and February , nearly 1. They also reported demographic information, including age, gender, and race. We leveraged this sample to provide insights into the controlled and uncontrolled gender pay gap.

what jobs do women make less money

The State of the Gender Pay Gap

Annoyingly, economic growth does not seem to narrow the gap. This is surprising. You might expect that as countries get richer, women would become better educated and jobs requiring brute strength would become less important. Rich countries also have larger public sectors, where the wage gap is smaller. Yet overall, the gap is no smaller in rich countries such as Britain and the Netherlands than in poor ones such as the Philippines.

More striking, there is little sign that women are moving into traditionally male occupations. Men utterly dominate such beefy industries as transport and mining. Women cluster in communications, retail and public administration, including education and health. This is true regardless of national income. Looking at Bangladesh, Mexico and Sweden, the bank found that men and women tended to separate themselves into the same sorts of occupation in all three countries. Bangladeshi shops and hotels, which employed disproportionately more men, were exceptions.

What explains all this? The World Bank suggests three reasons. First, discrimination. Some men think women are less capable, and some laws treat the sexes differently. Women also have fewer assets that can be turned into capital. Land is a prime example.

Female plots are usually smaller. This makes it harder for women to start businesses. In China, South Africa and Senegal, the bank found, food-processing firms prefer to sign export contracts with men, since they fear women will find it harder to meet the terms of the contract. So women do not grow cash crops. This problem is not confined to poor countries: the European Union found women less likely to start a business than men, largely for lack of credit. Next, women are sometimes less qualified than men.

Though advances in female education are widespread, they are not universal. Among older workers, men tend to have spent longer studying. Also, in the few countries with statistics on the matter, male workers tend to have been employed for longer than women, giving them more work experience.

But the main reason that women cluster in low-paid fields, the bank argues, is that they do not control their own time. In rich Austria and Italy, women do at least three times as much housework and child care as men. Income has little to do with. Pakistani men allocate the same amount of time to paid work, housework and child care as Swedish men. Everywhere, this constrains women’s job choices.

Women are more likely than men to take part-time or informal work. This is sometimes a voluntary choice. But sometimes they are pushed by employers’ attitudes or sexist laws, such as those requiring a woman to get her husband’s permission to work. But where multiple barriers exist, progress has been glacial.

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The frequently quoted statistic that women earn 77 cents for every dollar men earn is based on an overview of all pay, for all jobs in every industry, she says. Many engineers hold undergraduate degrees in computer science or math and work for a variety of companies and may have flexible schedules. Some who work for software vendors and consulting firms travel frequently, while others telecommute. Find systems engineer jobs. These industries are historically more likely to be unionized, which helps to keep pay more equitable, says Hegewisch. Find electrical engineer jobs. A four-year degree is usually required to start. Data from the Engineering Workforce Commission indicates that 2. Find mechanical engineer jobs. He also says the growth of independent films has contributed to the number of women videographers. Find videographer jobs.

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Equal pay for women is a hot topic, and unfortunately, the gender wage gap is still alive. Online salary database PayScale. Controlling for factors such as experience and education, PayScale discovered that certain jobs show a larger difference in pay between men and women. The differences in pay between the genders — with men outearning women — are largest in the following five jobs. PayScale lead analyst Katie Bardaro consistently observes large pay differences between the genders for many nonretail sales jobs. One factor that may cause this large pay difference is the number of hours worked, Bardaro says.


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