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Is apex making more money than fortnite

is apex making more money than fortnite

In the wake of Apex Legends, mone has briskly grown to 50 million playersmany have wondered whether Fortnite has felt the impact. On the one hand, Apex only has about one-fifth of the players that Fortnite. However, Apex is picking up some serious steam. It only took seven days for Apex to hit 25 million users it took Fortnite 41 daysand one month to hit 50 million users it took Fortnite more than four months. Adding a unique spin is exactly what Apex Legends has. Where play is concerned, Apex is a markedly team-oriented game, complete with a beautifully executed non-verbal comms system and a Jumpmaster mechanic to encourage teammates to land and play as a unit. Plus, Apex uses a hero system to give each character their own unique abilities.

How Much Money Does Apex Legends Make?

EA ‘s new game Apex Legends sent the company’s stock skyrocketing 16 percent on Feb. Then, on Feb. The new free-to-play shooter is growing faster than the massively popular Fortnite, and investors are excited about its potential to earn EA big bucks. Wall Street loves these types of games because they’re free for anyone to play, which attracts huge numbers of players, but can earn publishers millions of dollars through «micro transactions» where players spend a couple of bucks here and there on virtual items. All of this spare time spent gaming scares other companies fighting for our free time. Netflix said in January that it’s more afraid of Fortnite taking viewers away than streaming video competitors like YouTube and Disney , for example. And there’s lots of money to be made. So why is Apex Legends taking off?

What is Apex Legends?

As a result, the two are now locked in a fight of their own. Apex is releasing battle passes like Fortnite , topping Twitch viewing charts like Fortnite and even courting famous streamers like… Fortnite. In February, the DJ Marshmello held an in-game concert that drew a record No matter which game you prefer, there is a huge amount of money at play. Players can buy things using an in-game currency called Apex Legends Coins. Probably a lot. Apex is published by Electronic Arts, better known as EA. That, too, is partially thanks to Fortnite. It is a place. Other players stream Apex Legends on live-broadcast site Twitch , where they take a cut of subscription fees. There are also less savory characters profiting from Apex Legends.

is apex making more money than fortnite

Apex Legends dev explains why game-breaking Level 500 bug isn’t fixed yet

Apex Legends has had 50 million players join the game in its first month, according to developer Respawn Entertainment. That helped it have a huge impact on the battle royale scene, but even though a whole lot of people have checked out the new shooter, Apex’s biggest competition in the battle royale subgenre, Fortnite , still managed to post record player numbers in February. When it comes to Apex Legends, though, what’s most notable is how fast Respawn’s shooter has gathered such a massive community. That’s causing some to speculate that Apex Legends might be the next big thing, following in the footsteps of super-popular battle royale entires Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds before it. For those who aren’t already dedicated Fortnite players or on the Apex Legends train, that leads to a question: which of the two should you play? Both games are free, making their money from selling in-game cosmetic items. And both use the battle royale formula, in which players compete against a huge number of competitors to be the last one standing. There are a lot of differences between Apex Legends and Fortnite, though, and knowing what they are can help make the decision of which is the game you should be playing. Here’s a complete breakdown of what Fortnite does, what Apex Legends does, and how they’re similar and different, to help you decide. The most noticeable difference between Apex Legends and Fortnite is the perspective each uses. Apex Legends is a first-person shooter, and everything you do other than jumping into a match from the drop ship happens from the perspective of your player character. Meanwhile, Fortnite is a third-person game, so the camera is positioned behind the player character. The difference in camera makes for a different experience in each game.

Who is Revenant in Apex Legends? Leaked abilities and lore

The newest big hit in the battle royale genre, Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends , has enjoyed the most successful launch month of any free-to-play game in history. Released as a surprise on February 4, Respawn didn’t officially unveil Apex Legends until only 15 minutes before it went live on Origin, PS4 and Xbox One — completely free. The unorthodox launch was a gamble that definitely paid off. Respawn themselves quickly boasted of attracting 10 million players in 72 hours. By the end of the first week, it was 25 million, and 50 million after a month. And many of those players were digging into their pockets too, to buy Apex Coins, the game’s virtual currency, in order to suit up with new cosmetic items and open Apex Packs.

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As people who consume Fortnite content may have noticed, another game is dominating the space today. Apex Legends is a new free-to-play Battle Royale title developed by Respawn Entertainment based on the Titanfall series. A press release from Respawn showed popular streamers Myth, Shroud and Dr.

Disrespect playing a test version of the game. With the full release, a lot of Fortnite pros have switched to the game to give it a tryout. Some were paid and some are doing it just for a change. Among the people who tweeted or streamed Apex Legends today instead of or in addition to Fortnite:. Before that Realm Royale paid a lot of streamers to play the game and it paid off for them at. Now that count is just 3, with the lowest month averaging just over 1, players at any one point according to Steam Charts.

So the question is will Apex stick around or will it go the way of Realm Royale? Here are some key things to consider when looking at the game and the boom in popularity. Much like Epic, Respawn already had experience building a multiplayer shooter before releasing their Battle Royale title. Titanfall 1 released in and Titanfall 2 followed in Many people expected Titanfall 3 to come at some point this year.

Instead, this is what players get and according to interviews with Respawn developers, Apex Legends has been their main focus as a company. Many pro Fortnite players have commented on how the game feels clean and smooth.

Being F2P is the main reason Fortnite was as successful as it. Epic literally changed how game studios operate with the success of Fortnite. To be a true competitor to Fortnite, you have to make the game as accessible as possible. This has left a lot of dedicated players without challenges to complete until Season 8 begins at the end of the month.

Apex could not have chosen a better time to try to convert Fortnite players. On the flip side, Epic has been quicker than any other developer when it comes to changing the game.

Just today they added two new items, vaulted one and changed four. They have done and will continue to do everything in their power to keep the game exciting and deliver new experiences to players. The Marshmello concert last week was a perfect example. This is the big question. Streamers are motivated by a variety of different factors. First and foremost are viewers. If those numbers are the same, they will play the game they enjoy the.

For some streamers who are built around their personalities like Shroud and Dr. This is where the F2P factor can be crucial. People enjoy watching games they play. The other big factor is competitive players. Many streamers are also pro players. Not all of them are but the majority compete in Fortnite events for money. Even during release a lot of players said they were playing scrims or pop-up cups and then switching to Apex.

Because Fortnite has so much money in prizes pro players are going to have to continue playing the game from a financial perspective. If people who have been splitting time with Apex feel their game start to slip in the next major Fortnite tournament, they may turn back to the game full time. Tfue unwittingly kills and praises Bugha Jimmy Russo — January 21, Ballatw gives his opinion on why orgs are pulling out of Fortnite January 21,

Comparing Fortnite to Apex Legends

is apex making more money than fortnite


How Does Apex Legends Make Money?



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