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Making money working with animals

making money working with animals

Those who are interested in animal careers have expansive options available to them—from the type of animals they want to work with to the settings that they feel are most rewarding. This guide explores and explains the different career paths that are available in this occupational sector, including the education that is needed to get a job, the salaries that top animal careers command, and the types of organizations that are looking to hire caring and compassionate animal lovers. Animal making money working with animals paths are as vast as the animal kingdom. As a result, it mmaking be challenging to narrow down your options and decide on which specific route to. Options, however, can be a good thing as long koney you have a solid idea of where and how to start exploring. The workin questions serve as a starting point. Use the questions below to assess your skills, interests, and preferences, then read on to see which animal occupations might be a match.

1. Dog Walker

Veterinary pharmaceutical sales reps market a variety of animal health products to veterinarians and veterinary clinics. There are both inside sales office based and outside sales travel career paths in this field. The salary for pharmaceutical sales reps usually includes a combination of base salary, commission, company car, and benefits. The salary for pet product sales reps often includes a combination of base salary, commission, company car, and bonuses. According to Indeed. The U. Livestock feed sales reps market feed products to dealers and livestock production farms. Most positions are field-based. The salary for a livestock feed sales rep often includes a combination of base salary, commission, company car, and bonuses. Veterinarians provide health care to a variety of species.

Love Animals? Here’s How You Can Earn Money Over the Summer Break

Jobs for animal lovers are not difficult to find or to create: wildlife advocates Jim and Jamie Dutcher actually lived with a wolf pack in a acre enclosure for six years. Their home, a large tent near the Sawtooth Wilderness in Idaho, had no electricity or running water. While living with and studying the wolves, the Dutchers made documentaries and wrote books about them. But there are many other jobs to consider, and some pay decently without requiring quite as many years in the classroom. The pay is less certain, but the potential for making money without extensive and expensive education is greater. The Penny Hoarder where I often write has profiled some of these freelance and business opportunities involving animals. Here are a few of the ways Abbie Mood reported in her post on how to get paid to hang out with dogs :. Your Thoughts: Do you like the idea of working with animals, and would you consider any of these jobs and businesses? Every Way to make Money. Walmart Secrets. Cash in on Amazon Prime Day. Home Businesses 40 Jobs for Animal Lovers.

Job listings, articles, resources

Posted by Animal Jobs Digest on Dec 18, If you want to supplement your income, getting a part-time job is just one option. I can attest to that. Selling your photos via a microstock photography site is a low-risk way to earn passive income. When someone purchases your photo, the microstock site pays you a commission — you could, quite possibly earn while you sleep. A DSLR camera is optimal, but a good point-and-shoot will work, too. Another fun way to earn passive income with your animal or nature-inspired art is to license your work to an agency or business. In exchange for granting permission for a company to use your art on their products — such as tee shirts, adult coloring books, and calendars — you earn royalties. It is your work, after all. A few ideas of potential gigs may include writing website copy for a pet food manufacturer or articles for a veterinary specialty publication. There are a ton of freelance writing resources out there, ranging from awesome to poor.

15 Additional Great Jobs Working With Animals

If you’re less of a people person and more of an any-other-kind-of-animal person, we may have found your calling. The five gigs that made the cut vary widely in how exactly you’ll be spending that time — some call for studying animals, some for treating and healing them and others for protecting them. So if you’d rather spend your days in the company of coworkers who won’t ask about your personal life or complain about you to the boss, walk on four legs instead of two, and probably prefer hay to an after-work drink, then consider on the following jobs:. These researchers and scientists study animals and other wildlife to learn how they interact with their ecosystems. They observe the physical characteristics of animals and animal behaviors as well as investigate the impact humans have on wildlife and natural habitats. To do this, they may need to conduct experimental studies or collect biological data and specimens for analysis. They also research animal breeding programs, monitors wildlife populations and invasive species, and help with developing conservation plans. Entry-level positions in this field require at least a bachelor’s degree, but a doctorate degree is necessary if you want to lead independent research, according to the BLS. As the healthcare workers and doctors for animals, veterinarians diagnose and treat medical issues in pets, livestock and other animals.

Zoologists and wildlife biologists

Whether you’re a college student looking to make extra money over the summer or a high school student who needs monwy summer job, there are many jobs where you can work with animals. The work can be extremely fulfilling, but keep in mind that working with animals can be physically demanding and at times dangerous. Veterinary clinics, especially small animal clinics, frequently hire help during summer breaks for kennel attendant or veterinary assistant positions. Kennel attendants are primarily concerned with cleaning cages, walking dogs, and assisting with baths.

Veterinary assistants hold animals for procedures, interact with owners and help technicians and veterinarians with exams. Pet stores may hire seasonal help for the sales floor. Pet store sales associates may be involved with cleaning cages, restocking merchandise, making product recommendations to customers and operating the cash register. Night, weekend, and holiday hours are common in this industry, especially with the larger chains, so these gigs are best for those who can work a varied schedule.

Many shelter and rescue facility positions are unpaid volunteer opportunities, but they are making money working with animals great way to get the experience necessary to secure a paying position the following year.

Duties usually include tasks such as cleaning cages, assisting with adoption paperwork, walking dogs, grooming, bathing, and other general animal care tasks.

Position titles for summer employees may include groomriding instructor, camp counselor, or assistant trainer. Depending on the specifics of the job, you may be involved in mucking out mking, riding, teaching lessons, grooming, feeding, turning horses out, and other duties as assigned.

Compensation is generally not high for equine positions, but there may be a variety of fringe benefits such as complimentary lessons and riding privileges, mking and board at overnight camps, or the opportunity to compete in shows.

Many zoos offer summer programs designed to give college students a taste of what it would be like to work in a zoo environment. Zoos tend to refer to these programs as internships rather than true employment opportunities. Students should not expect to handle exotic animals directly, but they may be able to shadow zookeepers as they perform general habitat maintenance or withh zoo educators as they conduct tours for visitors.

Some zoos also offer camps for young children and seek energetic teens and college students to serve as camp counselors. Both paid and unpaid opportunities may be available, and compensation can witj greatly from one zoo to the.

You could also start your own seasonal pet sitting service at little to no cost. Start by advertising your summer availability to friends, neighbors, and classmates. Summer is a very high demand season for pet care services since many people take vacations during this period.

You might even be able to turn this summer business into a year-round operation, depending on your availability and course load while enrolled in school. Animal Careers Job Advice. By Mary Hope Kramer. Continue Reading.

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I found my online school there and I’m very satisfied. Many people just like you choose to pursue careers with animals because they simply can’t picture doing anything. After all, animals can be incredibly fun, loving, loyal, and appreciative. Who wouldn’t want to work xnimals that every day? And even if some animals are worling little wild and scary at times, you can still experience a great deal of pride and satisfaction in knowing that you are helping or caring for. Jobs working with animals, and pet ownership, can also come with health benefits, including lower blood pressure, decreased cholesterol levels, and fewer feelings of loneliness. So it’s easy to see why animals hold the hearts of so making money working with animals Americans. Americans love animals so much that it is estimated that 65 percent makinng the country’s households own at least one pet, and dogs and cats top the list as the most popular. According to a survey, more than 60 million households own a dog, and over 47 million own a cat. So it makes sense that pet spending hit its highest level yet in the U. Over 40 percent of that spending ma,ing on food, over 20 percent was on veterinary care, over 20 percent was for supplies and medications, and over eight percent was spent on services like grooming and boarding. And as pets, and animals in general, become more valued by society, it only makes sense that the opportunities to find jobs with animals will grow. In fact, the field makingg veterinary medicine is expecting strong job growth. When many people think of careers with animals, animmals often picture working at a veterinary clinic. But keep in mind that there are many other career options out .

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Of course, considering the level of schooling this career requires, coupled with the student loan costs and the level of commitment, that changes for some people once they become adults. Anikals the love for animals and the desire to work with animals might remain. One of the more difficult tasks job seekers face is finding a career that pays enough money, as well as one they will enjoy. But money also matters, and like it or not, it has to be a priority. The key is finding a balance. That is, doing what you love qorking money, as opposed to doing what you love in hopes that you will earn money. If animals are your passion — the field that makes you want to get up and do something — then you can certainly achieve this balance. Census monye.


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