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Island money making guide new leaf

island money making guide new leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf has been out for almost two months, but its nearly endless replay value still has fans hooked. If you’re tired of shaking trees guuide selling fruit in an effort to afford that next house upgrade, you can stop. Follow this guide to be raking in the bells in no time at all. First, start the Bell Boom. As mayor of your town, you’ve probably already set one of the ordinance options. In order to get the most value out of your beetles, make sure that Bell Boom is the currently selected ordinance. This will net you more bells for everything you sell. Head to Kapp’n at night between 7pm and 6am is a good neq and pony up the 1, bells needed to sail to the island. Don’t worry about the fee, as you’re going to get it back lewf hundredfold. Grab your gear. Lloid hangs out near the entrance, and will lend you anything you need.

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This is a split board — You can return to the Split List for other boards. Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don’t have an account? Sign up for free! What do you need help on? Cancel X. Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Optional: each time you go to the island, collect the shells and toss them in the grass to stop locusts from spawning, or position them around the shoreline to stop Hermit crabs from spawning. I have not tried either of these, so do not know if it works.

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Fortunately, there are a number ways to make easy money in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Super Mushrooms, Fire Flowers, etc. Fortune cookies are purchased with Play Coins , which you earn by walking around with your Nintendo 3DS. In other words, you can put the system into sleep mode and carry it with you while running errands to get as many Play Coins as you need.

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I know how it is. You’ve got a house to expand, public works to develop, stuff to buy—whatever your reason, you need bells, and you need bells bad. No worries. I’m here to help you make bank in New Leaf. When you start out—before you have the island unlocked—the best you can do is to rely on old-school methods. You’ll want to make sure you bang every rock you come across with a shovel, because there’s a daily money-spawning rock and a gemstone rock— as I mentioned in my original tips article. Sometimes you might even get a rock that spawns multiple gemstones instead of multiple bags of money, which is great. And, naturally, you’ll want to search for fossils—these can fetch some decent bells, too. In addition to that, any fruit that’s not native to your town will sell for bells each at Re-Tail, meaning that every tree of non-native fruit nets you 1. It’s dependable non-perfect fruit regrows every few days , and you don’t really have to do anything after the initial fruit acquisition and planting. Not bad. If you manage to get a «perfect fruit,» you can sell these for 1, each—but the trees have a very limited harvest. Then, of course, there’s basic fishing and bug hunting. It’s in your best interest to get acquainted with the prices that stuff sells for—the easiest way to do that is to simply look it up.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf marks the debut of another classic Nintendo franchise on a new handheld. With this new entry come more adorable animals to meet, more bugs to net, more fish to catch, and more memories to create. But what if you’re not sure how to being this new adventure? Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of tips that will help your town become a bustling utopia in no time. Keep reading for ways to clear the game’s two biggest hurdles: starting off and making money. When starting the game, you’ll be asked to pick your town layout from some mapped options. The thing is, this layout doesn’t have a huge affect on your experience. They all have the standard beaches, rivers, and trees. On the other hand, having the bridge located more towards the center of your town could prove to be useful as it’s easier to reach things without having to traverse through your entire town, with butterflies being the prime example. Ultimately, just pick a layout that looks interesting to you. What you do in town is more important than how it’s designed. These four tools are absolutely required to experience Animal Crossing: New Leaf. A shovel will allow you to dig up fossils and other buried items.

Tips for making money in Animal Crossing for Nintendo 3DS

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What do you need help on? Cancel X. Would you recommend this Guide? Yes No Hide. Send Skip Hide. Message Sent. Money Guide by turtle4apple Version: 1. Introduction 2. Ways to make money 3. Rocks and Trees 4. Re-Tail 5. Insects, Fish, and Seafood 6.

The Stalk Market 7. Version History 8. Contact Information 9. Making money has always been a core feature in Animal Crossing, and New Leaf is no different to the other AC games when it comes to this feature.

Some methods of making money are quicker than others, but it depends on which one you use. Here is an overview of money-making methods: 1. Islandd trees — one way of island money making guide new leaf money is by shaking the trees that do not contain fruit. Please see the Rocks and Trees section of this guide to see close-up detail on. Money rocks — another way of making big Bells is by hitting rocks with a shovel or an axe.

The quicker you are and the more empty nearby spots there arethe more money you can get from a money rock. Money trees — yet, another way of making money is by growing money issland. If you have a golden shovel, you can bury some Bells with the golden shovel, and it will turn into a money tree.

You may have hear the saying «money giide grow on trees». In Animal Crossing, the saying is false. Selling — the most ned way to make money is by selling items you don’t want to someone else, especially the Re-Tail.

Other than mannequins, the Re-Tail can accept anything, but some items have a disposal fee. The Nooklings can accept items too, but they are not the best ones to sell items to. They can only accept certain items orderable furniture, clothes, stationary, fossils, fish, insects, seafood, fruit, flowers, and shells. Not to mention, their buying prices islandd lower. Some animals can buy some items off of you.

Sometimes, they are willingly to pay more than the Re-Tail selling value, but other times, they are willingly to pay. Leila is the worst one to sell items to. Please see the Re-Tail section and the Insects, Fish, and Seafood section of this guide to see close-up detail on. This has been a feature in previous games, and it hasn’t been dropped out as it was carried on to the new game.

Interest — about once a month, the bank will pay you interest when you save monney. For your information, they only pay you. You also have a maximum amount that can be made by interest 99, Bellsso if you have more than 20 million Bells, you can make no more money than 99, Bells at a time. Now that’s all the basic ways you can make money. It’s also the least riskiest way of making money in-game.

While you have to spend money to perform some money-making methods, this is where you don’t have to spend. However, you do have to spend Bells to get a shovel, but that’s just for once unless if you want to get another shovel. If you have a lot of guidw trees in your town, you can make more money that way. However, not all fruitless trees will give you money. Everyday, some trees have other things in. Therefore, five fruitless trees have bees in them per day not just per character, but per town.

You can izland them to get pieces of furniture for the Egg Series, as well as the Egg Basket if you have all 6 eggs. All the other fruitless trees either oak trees or pine trees will give you a chance to make money.

On a typical day, you can only get Bells per tree. If you don’t get any money from the trees or the other things mentioned abovethen you don’t get anything at all.

In addition, you can only get money once per day per tree. If you don’t get any money from the tree, then the tree doesn’t give you money at all.

Other items that come from the fruitless trees are worth money. You can sell furniture to the Re-Tail. Bees have the same story. However, you have to be quick when catching bees. If a beehive falls, you have a certain amount of time to get out your net and catch. A bee is worth 2, Bells. Even if you fail to catch them, you can sell their beehives for Bells per hive. But if you fail, you get stung.

You can get some medicine at the Nooklings to get rid of the sting, but it’s best if you wait until all five trees with bees are shuck. If you do it before joney get stung, you will never get stung, but you won’t get to catch the bees. If you want to prevent beehives from falling out of trees, you may open your town gates.

Bees can’t spawn with your gates open, so opening your town gates will makint safety of shaking fruitless trees.

If the trees have fruits on them, then you cannot get money off of them, but you can get something you can sell to the Re-Tail off of. To make money off of fruit trees, you just simply gather the fruits and sell them to the Re-Tail. You can make more money per tree that way, and you won’t get any bees, furniture, or Bell coins.

To grow a fruit tree, you need to get a piece of fruit, and bury it in the ground. A sapling will islnad. Also, you can’t grow palm trees on the mainland islane regular trees on the beaches. Plus, there are possible «dead spots» in your town, where trees can’t grow in.

Please keep in mind that it takes 4 days to fully grow a tree to the point where you can get stuff from. You can shake the fruit trees to gather fruits to sell. Like always, you can only get three fruits per tree two per palm treeand it takes three days for fruit to regenerate.

Unlike previous games, you can stack fruit upon each. This will save more pocket space, which will allow you to sell more fruits at. You can only have fruits per basket, and it has to be the same fruit.

The perfect version of a fruit is not the same as the regular fruit. Therefore, perfect fruits can only be stacked upon perfect fruits, as regular fruits can be stacked upon regular fruits. Here are the selling prices of each fruit: Town fruit — Bells Foreign fruit — Bells Town fruit perfect — Bells Foreign fruit perfect — 3, Bells Coconuts and Bananas — Bells Other tropical fruits from Island Tours — Bells Persimmons — Bells The only fruits that can be your native fruit are apples, oranges, pears, peaches, and cherries.

Other fruits cannot be your town fruit. You can grow perfect fruit trees by burying perfect fruits. However, there are many restrictions of growing perfect fruits: 1. You can only grow perfect fruit trees guude your native fruit. If you attempt to grow another perfect fruit in your town, it will come out as a regular tree.

This can prevent cheating. Each perfect fruit tree has a limited number of harvests. After 4 to 7 times you shake a perfect fruit tree, it will die. One of the three fruits on its last harvest will be a rotten one. You will have to pay a disposal fee if you give Reese a rotten fruit.

There are only such things at perfect apples, perfect oranges, perfect pears, perfect peaches, and perfect cherries. Other fruits cannot have perfect versions. If you have 9 perfect fruits stacked up in one spot with 16 stacks of the same kind, you could make a ton of money if sold in towns that don’t have the fruit as their native fruit, especially on premium price day.

One 9-fruit stack jaking your perfect fruit is worth 27, Bells in towns where the fruit isn’t the native fruit.


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The answer is Quickscoping. MLG style, specifically. And no matter what season you are in, there are always quickscopes on the Tropical Islandsome of which are worth 10, or more Bells. But before you can even get to the tropical island to make your millions, you’ll need to slog through the demoralizing task of getting your first home built, then paying off your first island money making guide new leaf loan — all told, you’re looking at a nearly 50, bell investment before you can start making any real money. Having said that, you can actually scrape the cash together pretty quickly if you spend your first few days in your new village wisely. There are many ways to go about scraping together a nest egg in Animal Crossing: New Leaf — some more time-consuming than. Here are a few:. Fishing is the most obvious way to get money early on — you could easily earn enough selling fish to Re-Tail to pay down your home loan in your first day with Animal Crossing: New Leaf. But what if you can’t find a Fishing Rod in Nookling Junction? The answer is Isabellethe game’s secret weapon for helping those just starting out as Mayor. Isabelle will offer you several dialogue options when you sit down in your mayor’s chair — the most important when you’re starting out is «Advice for Living Here». Following Isabelle ‘s advice will not only bolster your Approval Ratingbut also give you access to several items you might otherwise have trouble acquiring.

Starting Off



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