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Can you make money off mysterybrand

can you make money off mysterybrand

It seems like can you make money off mysterybrand bad idea to promote these kind of websites, especially after the CS:GO Lotto scandal that happened a few years ago, where Tmartin and Syndicateowning the website, were cheating their way mojey victory and faking reactions to have the people sign up for their web page. Something smells a bit fishy about this, they both won considerable amount of items just from unboxing just a few boxes, at least that is what they showed. RiceGum and Jake Paul have considerably young fans and promoting a gambling website in general just seems like a bad idea. My audience is definitely younger. However, the third issue with this is shipping. On all these sponsored videos they kind of make it seem like it just takes a couple days to get your items, but online people are waiting over 65 days and no progress on their items has been. The final juiciest bit is that on the website it says that you can win some pretty crazy stuff: a Lamborghini, a Bentley, another Lamborghini, another Mercedes, mysterybrahd Range Rover. However, it seems like the people that are sponsored are genuinely surprised over winning these items. My theory is that they create an account, give it better odds and give it to the YouTuber. Keemstar said himself that he was offered a hundred thousand dollars to do a promotion for this website. Your email address will not be published.

What is Mystery Shopping?

Both videos are only specifically announced as paid advertisements in the video descriptions. In the glorified advertisements, Paul and Le spend money on numerous mystery boxes in an attempt to win the best prizes. Each mystery box claims to provide specific items under different product categories. Are your alarm bells ringing yet? The 10 highest-paid YouTubers of are absurdly rich. Image: YouTube. They somehow manage to keep straight faces while doing so. It gets worse. Le promotes how Mystery Brand allows you to sell back items and actually make money off the site.

How do You Get Started?

YouTuber stars like Jake Paul and Rice Gum are promoting «mystery boxes» to their audiences of millions of kids. But critics say it’s all a scam. On its surface, the mystery box concept is pretty simple. On MysteryBrand , you pay money to open a digital box that contains a range of possible pre-selected items. Whatever item you win, you can either get shipped to your home or «sell» back to the site for credit. According to the way MysteryBrand advertises certain boxes, prices are determined by both your odds of winning and what’s offered in the box. It’s a decision that could potentially cost hundreds or thousands of dollars — or more. Nevertheless, YouTube influencers like Jake Paul , Rice Gum , and Guava Juice — all of whom have more than 10 million subscribers and audiences of people under 18 — are promoting MysteryBrand on their channels. Yet it’s unclear how MysteryBrand’s boxes actually work — or if users are actually getting any of the merchandise they’ve digitally won.

Recent News

Both Rice and Paul have a young, easily impressionable audience that is impressionable to targeted marketing. There are countless tweets and messages from their fans saying they spent real money on the site, solely because their favorite content creator implored them to. Newsweek reached out to RiceGum’s and Paul’s representation, and is still awaiting comment. Taking a look at the Mystery Brand website, you see a list of «boxes» that can be opened up for a certain amount of money. Users throw down their money and have a chance for getting both, incentivizing them to spend more money. The odds of getting this were 0. Odds were removed from the site entirely on Tuesday. The site seems to be located in Poland, with the Terms of Service being translated from Polish before being posted in English. In the ToS, Mystery Brand says that they will «invalidate all the operations that were carried out by a person who has not attained the age of majority and to refuse to issue a winning product without any refund of spend value. Even if you are of age, «during using the services of the website You may encounter circumstances in which Your won items will not be received,» the ToS reads. The layout of the website and the gambling game itself bares a huge resemblance to the Counter Strike gambling websites pushed out by YouTubers in and

can you make money off mysterybrand

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