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Top money making stag and doe games

top money making stag and doe games

Toonie toss? Raffle prizes, silent auction, games etc? What games did well and which others were a flop? She had it in 2 parts. It can dod themed or not themed. Generally, the wedding party helps plan, in our case, we are not allowed to be involved which is driving us up the wall a little in a good way! Now, we arent expecting that much at all, we arent really expecting anything, but any ideas to make a worthwhile jack and jill with all the work everyone is putting would be wonderful. Xoe have lots of golf foursomes at some nice golf clubs for prize and raffles, lots of baskets full of good stuff, a nice basket full of wines and jelies and wine glasses from the winery we are getting married at from my inlaws, some big texas mickeys, and some blue jays tickets. So it top money making stag and doe games should be a good fun time. Man, do I wish this was socially acceptable to do here! What they did was take an air makinf table and mxking toothpicks in all the holes.

Here’s how to plan a stag and doe.

This post may contain affiliate links. Click here to learn more. Given we want to be as budget savvy as possible, we decided to have a Stag and Doe to help with the cost of our wedding! These are super popular in small towns in Ontario, but some of my friends from other parts of the country hadn’t heard of the concept. Some people also find Stag and Does to be controversial. If you feel that way, then don’t have a Stag and Doe or don’t attend one. While my parents have offered some money, we don’t want to have to use it. They need it as much as we do.

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In Canada, a stag and doe, or buck and doe, is a wedding tradition popular in Southern Ontario. Family, friends, and other guests of the bride and groom, purchase entrance tickets and are entertained by draws, food and drink, music and funny games. Selling tickets in advance will help you figure out roughly how many people will show up. Not everyone that buys a ticket will show up, people helping setup and run the stag and doe are not required to purchase these tickets. As an added bonus you could draw a door prize for those that bought a ticket, simply have your guest write their name on the back of their ticket and place it into a draw box Tickets are non-refundable. Games of Skill are allowed, Games of Chance are not allowed. Silent Auctions are allowed. When all of the playing cards are filled up, flip over the playing cards to see who has signed the King of Hearts. The winner is the person who’s name appears on the back of the King of Hearts. When all of the playing cards are filled up, flip over the playing cards to see who has signed the Queen of Hearts. The winner is the person who’s name appears on the back of the Queen of Hearts.

Fun Stag and Doe Game Ideas

These parties help your clients raise funds to pay for their wedding or honeymoon. Guests purchase tickets to attend a party full of family, friends, and fun games. But when there are so many different types of events leading up to the wedding, how can you sweeten the pot to invitees? Your clients need to choose unique and fun games and pair them with fantastic prices. It sounds pretty easy when you say it like that. Thankfully, they have you! Read on for a list of our best stag and doe game ideas! While attendance is not mandatory for these types of events, the happy couple wants to make the party as appealing as possible. To choose the best stag and doe games and prizes, think about the attendees your clients will invite. For each game, charge a few dollars to participate. Depending on the activity and the cost or size of the prize!

Choosing the prizes

They can be indoors or outdoors, just for adults or for the whole family. You can even get your beloved pets in on the fun. Photo Courtesy of Anything Lime. If you have a large grand prize tablet, large TV, etc. Guests pay for the chance to guess how many items are in a large jar. At the end of the night, announce the person with the right guess or the closest guess without going over and that person wins the jar or other prize or even half the money collected. Choose a good prize and put it in a box with a lock on it.

1. Silent auctions


If your wallet is feeling a little too light, consider throwing a stag and doe before your big day. This party is specifically designed to raise funds for the happy couple through admission ticket charges and games. No, this is not another event to add to your own to-do list, like most pre-wedding partiesyour wedding ddoe will handle it.

The first step in putting together any pre-wedding soiree is setting the budget. Meet with the rest of your party planning committee AKA the wedding party and have a serious conversation about dollars and cents.

The party should happen at least two months before the big day so that the couple can actually make use of the funds raised for their wedding. Legion halls and rec centres are fan favourites for their size and chameleon abilities. We love the idea of going with something seasonal or holiday-related. For example, if your event is taking place near the end of October, why not embrace the Halloween theme and throw a costume party?

Tip: Not everyone who comes to the stag and doe has to be invited to the big day, especially if the wedding is going to be a more intimate affair. Yes, you want anr raise as much money as possible, but setting your admission price too high may deter guests from coming. Feel free to put social media to good use and make a private Facebook event or send out an e-vite. Simply scour the web for some easy and budget-friendly DIY decorations and spend a day putting them together with the rest of your planning squad.

Selling alcoholic drinks is another great way to raise money. Related WeddingWire Articles. Log in Sign up. Want to help the happy couple raise some funds for their big day? A stag and doe, also known as a Jack jaking Jill, is the way to go. Make the budget The first step in putting together any pre-wedding soiree is setting the budget.

Set the date The party should happen at least two months before the big day so that the couple can actually make use of the funds raised for their wedding.

Set an admission price Yes, you want to raise as much money as mzking, but setting your admission price too high may deter guests from coming. Planning Tools. Download the free WeddingWire app! Wedding Ceremony. Wedding Reception. Wedding Services. Health and Beauty. Wedding Fashion. Married Life. Follow these helpful tips to See more articles. Get the WeddingWire app.

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Stag and Doe

top money making stag and doe games




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