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How much money does the eiffel tower make per year

how much money does the eiffel tower make per year

An object of discord, desire and fascination, the Eiffel Tower never thhe to impress. Enriched by a history full of new developments, here you can discover all toser its key information. The Eiffel Tower was built by Gustave Eiffel for the Exposition Universellewhich was to celebrate the th year anniversary of the French Revolution. Its construction in 2 years, 2 months and 5 eiffwl was a veritable technical and architectural achievement. It was met immediately with tremendous success. Only intended to last 20 years, it was saved by the scientific experiments that Eiffel encouraged, and in particular by the first radio transmissions, followed by telecommunications. For example, the radio signals from the Pantheon Tower in ; it served as a military radio post in ; it transmitted the first public radio programme inand then broadcast television up to TNT more recently. Since the s, the monument has regularly been renovated, restored and adapted for an ever-growing public. Eoes the decades, the Eiffel Tower has seen remarkable achievements, extraordinary light shows, and prestigious visitors.

Initial Construction

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Painting the Tower

Whether you’re lucky enough to have visited Paris or have only ever dreamed of going there, chances are you know of the French capital’s most beloved landmark: the Eiffel Tower. It was constructed to commemorate the centennial of the French Revolution and to demonstrate France’s industrial prowess to the world. Gustave Eiffel, a French civil engineer, is usually credited with designing the tower that bears his name. However, it was actually two lesser-known men, Maurice Koechlin and Emile Nouguier, who came up with the original drawings for the monument. Kochlin and Nouguier were the chief engineers for the Compagnie des Etablissements Eiffel — Gustave Eiffel’s engineering firm. Together with Eiffel and a French architect, Stephen Sauvestre, the engineers submitted their plans to a contest that would determine the centerpiece for the World’s Fair in Paris. The Eiffel company’s design won, and construction of the wrought-iron tower began in July But not everyone in Paris was thrilled with the idea of a giant metal monument looming over the city.

how much money does the eiffel tower make per year

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T he time is 1. Work on the world’s highest structure is complete in preparation for the imminent Universal Exhibition in Paris. Gustave Eiffel welcomes his guests, here to celebrate the end of construction, then starts up the 1, steps. A member of parliament puts on a blindfold and feels his way forward. An hour later about 15 people reach the top. It is a magical moment. More than enough to make up for all the criticism over the past three years, by those such as Maupassant and Zola , condemning the «monstrous, pointless Eiffel Tower». A hundred and twenty-five years later, the celebrations were distinctly low-key. The truth is that the old lady is no longer in a fit state to welcome guests. The tower is again in the grip of interminable repairs. The first-floor platform is being rebuilt and a special structure has been erected at the base to hoist materials and remove the spoil. Two of the three lifts used by the public are out of order — a big handicap for a place so dependent on them. On really busy days, tourists have to queue for three to four hours. All the more reason to wait before celebrating.

World’s Fair centerpiece

Eiffel Tower goes green. Eiffel Tower ‘to be turned into green jungle’. Colosseum restoration project gets go-ahead. The French were delighted. The Italian media was horrified by the news that the Paris landmark was said to be worth twice as much as the annual wealth generated by the entire city of Milan. Not really. It forces us to face the harsh reality of a country that has lost its memory.

Two years, two months and five days

They make Volkswagen cars in Germany. Columbus discovered America. They talked much about the problem. They wrote the book last year. Fleming discovered penicillin. A postman collects the mail twice a day. They took books to the classroom. Mother paints the kitchen every year. Tourists took photos of most important mich. They will build eiffeo houses next mae. Millions of people will see this Eiftel programme.

They sent for the doctor. They grow bananas in Africa. They formed the UN in They built the Eiffel Tower in We have quarreled. I not to invite to his party next Monday. Many accidents to cause by careless driving. We to wake up by a loud noise during the night. The room to clean regularly? The roof of the building to damage in a storm some days ago. A cinema is a place where films to. Originally the book to write in Spanish, but a few years ago it to translate into English.

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The kitchen is painted by mother every year. Photos of most important monuments were taken by the tourist. Many houses will be built by them next year. This TV programme will be seen by millions of people.

Bananas were grown by them in Africa. The UN was formed by them in The Eiffel Tower was built by them in I wasn’t invited to his party next Monday. Many accidents are caused by careless driving. We were waken up by a loud noise during the night. Is the room to cleaned regularly?

The roof of the building how much money does the eiffel tower make per year to damaged in a storm some days ago. A cinema is a place where films are shown. Originally the book was written in Spanish, but a few years ago it was translated into English.

Volkswagen cars are made in Germany 2. America was discovered by Columbus 3. The problem was talked much 4.

Eiffel Tower Construction 1887-1889


Construction of the Eiffel Tower



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