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How much money does don lemon make

how much money does don lemon make

One of the famous American journalist and author is Don Lemon. His birth name is Don Carlton Lemon. He is engaged to real estate agent Tim Malone, announced in April The award-winning news anchor took to Instagram to announced their big day. The tags were on their puppies, Boomer, and Barkley. Don Lemon captioned the picture, «He gave me a present on his birthday. How could I say no? Their affair rumor escalated after the two were seen together several times. Despite the rumors of their affairs, they kept it secret for quite a time. As ofhe is 52 years old. His nationality is American and horoscope is Pisces.

Don Lemon Facts & Wiki

The year-old anchor has hosted CNN Tonight since , but his career as a journalist goes back much further than that. Lemon, who is a native of Louisiana, studied broadcast journalism at Brooklyn College. After graduating, he worked as a reporter and anchor at stations in Birmingham, St. Louis, and Philadelphia. In , Lemon moved to Chicago to take on the co-anchor spot for the 5 p. In , he moved to CNN. After joining CNN, Lemon covered numerous major stories, including the I bridge collage in Minneapolis in , the death of Michael Jackson in , and the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary in He often shares photos of their life together on his social media accounts. OMG this saints game. Before meeting Malone, Lemon said he was reluctant to get involved in a long-term relationship because of trust issues.

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He is an American anchor and correspondent for CNN. He celebrates his birthday on 1 March each year. Though some media revealed don is married to Tim but yet it is not confirmed by Don Lemon. He also stated that he is proud of his sexual orientation. Lemon revealed about his sexuality in his memoir, Transparent that he is gay where he talked about colorism in an African community. Don Lemon height is 6 feet 1. He has black hair and eyes. Lemon, the absolute stunner with the ability to investigate issues and present them properly to the audience. He looks good with a gentle attitude and class. His captivating smile can show his soul and can melt the wall. He shares a generous look with a magnificent dressing sense handled with maturity. Lemon enjoys his spare time with his family members and often goes on vacation with them.

Famous For

Don Lemon born March 1, is an American television journalist. Born in Baton Rouge , Louisiana , he anchored weekend news programs on local television networks in Alabama and Pennsylvania during his early days as a journalist. He later achieved prominence as the presenter of CNN Tonight beginning in Lemon is also a recipient of an Edward R. Murrow Award and three regional Emmy Award s. Lemon was voted class president his senior year. Louis and Chicago affiliates for several years.

how much money does don lemon make

Don Lemon’s personal life

Although most of the riches Lemon has garnered over the years have come from his terrific work in CNN having joined the station in late , he was also paid a great deal of amount while working in MSNBC. Don Lemon is the most reliable and unwavering news anchor of CNN whom the news channel can always depend on to cover the latest news stories and breaking headlines. With such a coveted role under the belt for more than a decade now, it only wound be surprising for Lemon not to earn a handsome salary. According to his bio in the wiki, Don Lemon is of Creole and French descent on his paternal side while also has ancestries from Congo, Nigeria, and Cameroon. The years-old news anchor has been dating a New York-based realtor named Tim Malone for almost two years and yet the couple is still going strong as ever. In fact, he recently announced their engagement via Instagram where Don Lemon was surprised by his boyfriend-turned-fiance. He and the real estate agent kicked off their birthday on April 6, , in Manhattan where Don was stunned by the proposal. They have officially engaged now and will probably get married in a very near future. Table of Contents. Share This.

American Journalist Don Lemon’s Net Worth: $ 3 Million

Don Lemon has risen to become one of the most recognizable faces on CNN over the past few years. Trump a racist. Lemon is also an author, having published the autobiography Transparent in Prior to that, in , Ebony Magazine placed him among one of the most influential African-Americans. S state of Louisiana. Along with his two sisters; Leisa, who died on the 31st of January, and Yma, Lemon was raised in West Baton Rouge and Port Allen by his mother and grandmother until his mother remarried in He failed to complete his studies at the university before moving to New York to take a job at the WNYW television station. He later enrolled at Brooklyn College where he graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism in Louis, Missouri. During his time here, he notably won an Emmy Award for his reporting on the real estate market of Chicago. Don Lemon, who received the Edward R. Murrow Award for his reporting and coverage of the D. He is also reported to have a net worth of 3 million dollars.

Lemon’s career at CNN

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Lemon and Cuomo imagine Trump prepping ‘chosen one’ line

Don Lemon Net Worth, Salary, Cars & Houses

TV reporters might not come off as a big celebrity like Hollywood stars, but they do have their own place. Don Lemon is one of those renowned American TV journalists. And since fame comes along with the wealth, we’re discussing Lemon’s net worth, the source of income and properties details here!!! How much money has the 52 years old reporter made in his successful journalism career? He mainly earns his net worth from his professional career as a prime time news anchor at CNN. He thoroughly gained high experience and managed to increase his income year through years. Besides journalism career, Don Lemon also established himself as a writer and amassed huge royalty from his creation. Lemon published a book titled ‘Transparent’ back on 10 May By looking at Lemon’s prolific career, he earned various awards for his outstanding work. Lemon is an Emmy awardee. He won the award for a special report on Chicago’s real estate market. Besides that, he received the Edward R. Murrow Award for his coverage of D. C, Maryland, and Virginia area sniper shooting of Moreover, Don Lemon is listed under one of the most influential African-Americans in issue of the Ebony magazine.

Don Lemon’s Assets And Properties: House And Car



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