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How to make money online using youtube

how to make money online using youtube

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Discovering Your Passion to Make Money on YouTube

For many people, YouTube is a site where they can spend endless hours watching cat videos, product reviews or other people playing video games. Become a partner: To earn directly through YouTube, you must partner with the site. The more videos you have, the easier it is to reach that 10,view threshold. High-quality, entertaining videos are more likely to get views, so it pays to put effort into planning and production. To use that feature, partners have to be older than Here are a few options to consider. For example, comedian Jenna Mourey, more commonly known by her YouTube name Jenna Marbles, sells T-shirts and posters featuring one of her dogs. Selling a physical product might require you to buy materials or find a manufacturer, but you can also sell downloadables such as e-books or art prints.

How to Make Money on YouTube

Last Updated on November 16, Around the globe, five billion YouTube videos are watched every day. YouTube is as popular as ever with users spending an average of 40 minutes a single YouTube session. In line with this digital shift, the next thing to learn is how to make money on YouTube. All you need is video editing software and some a computer and you can get started on YouTube. Not bad for playing around with gadgets. Making money via YouTube is no longer exclusive to platinum musicians or huge influencers. There are plenty of opportunities for everyday people to make money from YouTube, creating great video content on their channels. While it is possible to make significant income from YouTube as a content creator, it is not the easiest either. Four hundred hours of video upload to YouTube every single minute across the world.

What’s next?

Most of these small-screen celebs do what they do just to do it, to scratch an itch for creating things and being in front of an audience. Making money might not be your reason for starting a YouTube channel , but the opportunities to earn are a pleasant surprise once you realize how many of them there are. According to Forbes , these 10 channels were the top earners on YouTube from June to June This list might leave you with a lot of questions about how these YouTube stars earned their fortunes.

how to make money online using youtube

Who’s going to watch your YouTube channel?

Okay, ad revenue is the most obvious way to make money on YouTube. But at the same time, hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute. So you already know this article is not going to be about how easy it is to buy a Swiss watch with the ad revenue from your YouTube views. Though if you have millions of views, you could probably at least rent one. And now for some step-by-step instructions for making money on YouTube. Bonus: Download a free guide that reveals the exact steps one creator took to gain more than 23,, views on YouTube with no budget and no expensive gear. To join the program, you need a minimum of 1, subscribers and 4, watch hours in the previous 12 months. Here are some ideas for how to get more of those precious YouTube views. This is simple. Not to mention staying on the right side of copyright law.

How Much Money Can You Make on YouTube?

There are at least a dozen ways to make money online. Before, we move ahead, do read following two guides for vLogger:. You can monetize your YouTube channel with AdSense. This is by far the easiest way that YouTubers are making money. The best way to increase your revenue is to increase the views on your videos. It is as simple as that. YouTube expects you to have put a certain bit of effort before you are eligible for the YouTube Partnership Program. Assuming, you are eligible for the YouTube Partnership Program, here are the things you need to do. Once your account is approved, you can monetize all your uploaded videos and also your future videos.

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I am pretty much sure, every wannabe YouTuber lives under the impression that they are going to become rich overnight. Yes, you can definitely make money on YouTube but nothing like what you are under the impression of. You must be good at. For example, I love playing guitar, similarly you may have fetish for mobile phones or gadgets. You have to immerse yourself very deep in your hobby. It can be anything music, cooking, dance, tutoring, science, art, religion, politics.

Passion for a thing is. And every person in this world is passionate about at least 1 thing. So better you start with. Your passion will be the niche for which you are going to create videos. There are myriads of niches you can create videos on. Here are some of. You can find more YouTube video ideas. I will keep this section very concise because it is quite easy to get started even for a beginner. You can sign up YouTube with your Gmail and create an account.

You can either use your personal name or business name while naming the channel. After naming select a category close to your niche. Always choose a name close to your niche and your heart. The name that you chose is also going to work as a brand. You need to incorporate channel art into your channel.

It shares your personality and brand with your audience. A channel art must reflect your channel and its purpose. The channel art that you choose to upload must be a single X pixel image with 4 MB in size.

Channel icon that serves the same purpose as the channel art. Choose something that looks good in very small resolutions. Right a great description for your channel in characters. You need to be very imaginative while creating above mentioned things. If you are able to do so then you have been able to build a brand for your channel successfully.

As I said earlier for creating great content you must have passion for. Engaging: Videos must engage with your viewers generating a conversation back and forth. So be authentic and passionate while you are on camera. Targeted: Understand your audience. More about this later in this article. Your videos must inspire your viewers. Consistent: Upload a new video at least once in a week. Within Budget: Creating quality videos costs more money.

You have to create more quality videos within your budget. You need to focus on creating videos that entertaining, educational, inspirational at the same time contains a lot of emotions.

Irrespective of your earning goals, a creative strategy for developing content is the very foundation on which your earnings rest. Creating great content regularly is almost impossible without developing an advanced content creation strategy. There can be many different strategies but you have to choose anyone of them that is going to really work. While developing a content creation strategy you will always be befuddled between choosing quality and quantity.

As a novice YouTuber it may come as a surprise to you that you should focus more on quantity rather quality. Initially you may get intimidated that amount of content you got to create is simply out of your reach. However by using Hero-Hub-Help framework you easily achieve. Hero and Help content promotes discovery of your content while Hub content keeps viewers coming back for. Hero Content is for short term goal like creating videos for particular seasons or festivals like Christmas or New Year.

However Hub and Help content are for longer term goal where you create videos that has themes and formats. Eventually you have to bring it all together and develop a long lasting content creation strategy. Always keep in mind that your first video is going to suck. In this 8 to 10 minutes long introductory video you will describe your whole life from childhood to present. You will use diagrams, doodles, images to explain your whole life.

It can be very easy because you can find readymade template for making these kinds of video. However you must know how to use your camera.

Audio quality is very important. For editing use basic software that is available. Creating your first video can take 2 to 3 weeks considering the research work that goes in. And then you will be qualified to join YouTube Partner Program. You start making money on YouTube only after joining the partner program from YouTube. Once you have achieved this landmark you can immediately apply for YouTube Partner program. You can promote your videos on Facebook, WhatsApp and other popular social platforms to get more subscribers.

You can also use paid programs from YouTube. But how much money can you make with YouTube? Later on, with some experience you can start selling your own merchandise like T-Shirts, Cups or digital products like eBooks, software. If your content is of highest quality then people would be willing to pay anything to watch it. You can offer premium content to your loyal viewers through paid subscription.

If you have really cute animal or baby videos with lots of views then license them to companies who may want to use in their commercials and promotional campaigns. You are going to leverage power of your brand and promote products of different companies. Similarly you can consult other video creators and small businesses helping them to leverage the power of YouTube. Artists like you can create a page on Patreon. You can divide YouTubers in two different categories.

First one is celebrity YouTubers and second is lesser known YouTubers. So here is estimated income of few YouTubers which is realistic. Find out how people responded to your first video? Did it receive enough views? Did viewers leave any comments below the video? However, you must give a second thought. May be because your content was unoriginal and failed to stand out from the rest. May be the video was too boring to watch because it was poorly produced.

You can create a new Adsense account. Adsense will pay you for number of views your channel receives. Now you can earn money for each video you upload. Realistically, you can divide YouTubers into 3 different categories based on their monthly earnings. To put it simply, your earnings will totally depend upon how much effort you are willing to put in. Step 2: Choose some of the best videos that are good enough for monetization. Read Copyright Issues Paragraph later in this article. While choosing ads as a beginner, you only need to know that generally there are two types of ads.

Banner Ads — Static banner ads can be seen just below the videos. Rollout Ads — 10 seconds to 40 seconds long commercial that you will see before starting a video. Read Community Guidelines. Once you have joined the YouTube partner program and integrated ads into your channel you need to get serious from now on. If you really want to earn a decent income and not few hundred dollars each month from YouTube then you got to do more than just creating and uploading videos. You need to target your audience!

And create content specifically designed for a particular type of audience. Your channel must be geared towards a particular group of people. Every audience is different and you have to reach out to them so that your audience makes your channel a daily destination.

Set up your channel to be well-organized making it easy for viewers to keep watching your videos. Cards are nothing but small rectangular box that appears in the top right corner of the video to give fans a preview of the message. Cards work really well if they are relevant to the video content or place in conjunction with a call to action message.

How To Make Make Money Online by Just WATCHING VIDEOS! (2019)

How Much Money Can You Make on YouTube?

Another group of people, however, look at YouTube as a major revenue source for their online business. Making money with YouTube takes some time and effort, but those efforts can pay off with big money. The first step to making money with YouTube is to sign up for an account. If you have a Gmail account, or use any products that require a Google account, you already have an account to use that you just need to link to YouTube via the YouTube account page. Once your YouTube account is up and running, your next step is to link to an AdSense account. AdSense is the primary advertising engine Google uses on its own sites and partner sites, including YouTube. When you create your AdSense account, you will need to input payment information and provide tax reporting information such as a social security number or employee ID number EIN for your business. Your next step is creating the actual videos. Some of the most popular content include professionally produced music videos and impromptu family videos recorded with a smart phone. If you want to record with a phone, you likely already have your camera in your pocket. Recording in HD will produce a better quality video, so be sure to use the highest quality possible on your phone. If you want an even more professional video, you can use a DSLR camera and external microphone. Once you finish recording, you can edit your video with a desktop program like the free Windows Movie Maker or iMoviewhich come with new computers, or a paid program like Adobe Premiere for more robust features. YouTube also has a free editor with basic features.

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The convenience and far reach of the internet has given millions of people the ability to make a living by monetizing just about any skill, talent or opportunity. Think: YouTube. In fact, to make money from YouTube, you have to dig a little deeper and establish a more sustainable strategy. However, the reality is that you cannot make a healthy income based on YouTube ad revenue .


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