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How much money does a pediatric nurse make an hour

how much money does a pediatric nurse make an hour

It takes a unique skill set and special zeal for working with children to become a pediatric nurse. If you enjoy helping others and your bedside manner is soothing to young patients, being a pediatric nurse may be an ideal career path. Also, pediatric nurses are in high demand in all clinical settings, so you can feel confident that your hard work in nursing school will lead to a well-paid job. The primary role of a pediatric nurse is to care for, nurture and reassure children who may be lonely or frightened in an unfamiliar medical setting. Because children have boundless energy, a pediatric nurse must be creative in coaxing young patients to remain calm during uncomfortable tests and procedures. Moreover, families can be a challenging part of the equation. A pediatric nurse must be able to help family members through their own worries how much money does a pediatric nurse make an hour anxiety related to the medical issues facing their children. Patience, empathy and genuine concern are important qualities in a nurse.

Average Salary and Beyond for Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

Filter by location to see Pediatric Nurse salaries in your area. Salary estimates are based on 67, salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Pediatric Nurse employees. Is this helpful? Pediatric Nurse Salaries. Company Sizes. Years of Experience. Average Base Pay. Not enough reports to show salary distribution.

What is Nursing?

Note : The amount of money Registered Nurses RNs make varies by state, specialty, experience, certifications held, degree held, and facility. This tool will allow you to easily search and compare the average salaries of nurses for many cities and locations across the U. You can search by city and state. Salary data is provided through the BLS. Because of the differences in cost of living between each state, as well as how much RNs are in demand in each location, the pay can vary greatly from state to state. Typically more expensive areas, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York pay more than places where housing is more affordable. This makes sense to provide a nurse with a job which will pay the bills and cover housing wherever they live. Highly sought after locations where people tend to vacation, such as Hawaii, may have a high cost of living and high housing costs, but pay less than places where living is cheaper because so many nurses want to work in this tropical paradise. The supply of nurses is high so facilities can pay less and still attract employees simply because of their location.

Popular Employer Salaries for Pediatric Nurse

People looking to work in the medical field with children of all ages should consider a career as a pediatric nurse. Registered nurses RNs looking to specialize their careers can pursue this focus. Our guide provides information on the pediatric nurse occupation, including what these nurses do, where they work, and education and certification requirements, along with data on career and salary prospects. Pediatric nurses specialize in providing healthcare to children from birth until they become young adults. These nurses focus on preventative care, examine growth and development, provide primary care, and manage chronic and acute illnesses. Pediatric nurses provide children with health education and holistic care to ensure that their patients receive the highest quality of healthcare available. These nurses dedicate their careers to improving patient outcomes and evaluating every facet of care for them. Pediatric nurses guide children through processes like immunizations, screenings, and specific treatments or conditions, such as chickenpox. Many medical workers find it most difficult to cope with the illness or loss of a young patient, so it can make for an emotionally draining career for some. Pediatric nurses tend to many different job responsibilities. Some of their core duties include developmental screenings and assessments, performing well-child examinations, administering immunizations, caring for and treating common childhood illnesses, and conducting school or sports physical exams.

how much money does a pediatric nurse make an hour

Where can a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner earn more?

Find jobs Company reviews Find salaries. Upload your resume. Sign in. Pediatric nurse practitioner Explore career information by location. Search Location. How much does a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner make in California?

Where Pediatric Nurses Work

A pediatric nurse is a highly skilled health care professional who devotes her career to caring for children — from infancy and into the later teen years. This type of nurse has advanced medical training in pediatrics and works closely with doctors and other types of health care workers who are also dedicated to the health of children. As with other nurses, a pediatric nurse can do physical examinations, measure vital signs, take samples of blood and urine and order many diagnostic tests. Nurses with advanced training in pediatrics can also interpret results from tests and come up with a diagnosis. Then they can offer treatment plans. Nursing is a blend of art and science, and is caring and compassion embodied. Learn more about the fast-paced world of our pediatric nurses. Many parents will prefer that their children are treated by health care professionals who are specialists in pediatrics. This is because children have specific health care needs due to their small size, and the fact that their bodies are changing and growing. They also often will react different to illnesses and injuries, and their reactions to drugs can be very different as well. Children also become frightened in medical situations and are not always able to communicate what is hurting. Pediatric nurses have been trained to communicate effectively with children and are effective at dispelling their fears.

Starting Salary for Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

how much money does a pediatric nurse make an hour
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