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Do wholesale car dealers make money

do wholesale car dealers make money

It happens at some point to every dealer, even the best. Or you took a high-mileage trade-in in order to make a retail deal. Wholesalers buy vehicles at auction or from dealers that are having trouble retailing. They then turn around and sell the vehicle for a significant profile. How cars are wholesaled is nothing like retail sales. The goal is to get the unit off your lot as dealerw as possible and minimize the loss.

New Car Sales

Some guys spend their life buying cars from one auction and selling at another auction. For example: there are a ton of guys who buy cars up north and bring them down south to sell them for a profit. It is very common to find cars from Massachusetts or Michigan at sales auctions in Atlanta or Dallas. How can you research this price discrepancy?? This is worth the price of this course many many times over. Ready for this? Get your pen out and write this down. Highlight this next sentence!

Used Car Sales

Probably the most lively session at the AFLA Fall Meeting in Chicago this year was the Confessions of Car Wholesalers, a panel discussion of the wholesale car business followed by a testy question and answer session moderated by Pierce Walsh of Warren Buick. Motors, Morgantown, Ky. Malone — My background in the automobile business goes back a long way. I was with the Chicago White Sox in , 50 and There was a thing called a curve that got me into the automobile business in a hurry. It didn’t take them long to find out that I was a little overmatched in the big league. But some years ago, I went into the automobile business as a retail salesman. I progressed up to being a manager, I was a general manager. I became a used car dealer. I eventually became a Chevrolet dealer. And eventually my business experiences led me into the wholesale business, and we do wholesale a lot of cars. We buy and sell an awful lot of cars.


I fundamentally believe that dealers should sell every vehicle they acquire as a retail unit to a retail customer. Inevitably, most dealers will need to wholesale some used vehicles to maintain their inventory turns and profitability goals. The challenge then becomes determining the best way to dispatch the vehicles most efficiently and minimize any loss. I took both challenges to a handful of retail-first velocity dealers to get their best practice recommendations. These channels allow dealers to offer vehicles for sale without the expense and time required to transport the vehicles to physical auctions, which they view as a last resort. As used vehicles hit 45 days in inventory, a Midwest dealer group posts the cars across several online auction channels.

New Car Sales

As a car dealer, you can make money by leasing a car in many of the same ways as if you were selling the car. For example, you can profit from the price the customer agrees to at both the start and the end of the lease. You also can make money on the interest rate of the lease, the amount the customer receives on his trade-in and any extras he purchases. When you put up a car for lease, the customer pays you the amount by which the car depreciates in value over the period of the lease.

Since no car has a set depreciation amount, the amount of that payment will be the result of your negotiation with the customer, just as if you were selling the car. When you and the buyer agree on a price, that price is known as the capitalized cost. The higher a capitalized cost you can get the customer to agree to, the more profit you stand to make.

The other main pricing variable in a car lease is the residual value, or the amount the car is worth at the end of the lease period. This is also an area of negotiation between you and the customer. A lower residual value results in more profit for you as a dealer, as the customer must pay the difference between the original capitalized cost and the final residual value.

When you offer a car for lease, you must buy the car from the manufacturer. Unlike a car sale, in which the customer will take out a loan and pay you the full amount of the car upfront, with a lease you must front this cost. In this sense, you are essentially loaning the customer money to lease the car, which will probably cost you.

You can recoup this cost and more by negotiating the interest rate on your customer’s lease payments, which is known as the «money factor. By charging a higher interest rate than you have to pay yourself, you can make additional profit on the lease. Selling your customer add-ons, such as low-profile tires, a navigation system or an upgraded audio system, will add to the capitalized cost of the lease, resulting in higher lease payments from your customer.

By building in an additional profit margin or markup to these items, you can make more money on the lease. Since the customer will be paying for these add-ons over time, you will also earn additional interest on the cost of those add-ons, which goes directly to your bottom line. Some customers might want to trade in a vehicle to lower the capitalized cost of their lease. Since most customers leasing a new car are more focused on the price of the new car, you might be in a good position to negotiate a lower value on the customer’s trade-in, thereby increasing your profit on the overall lease deal.

If a customer is willing to trade in his old car to lease a new car, it typically means he doesn’t need or want it anymore. This do wholesale car dealers make money make him less likely to hold out for a higher price on the vehicle. As a dealer, you should also have a better grasp on the true resale value of the vehicle, which puts you in a better negotiating position. Csiszar has served as a technical writer for various financial firms and has extensive experience writing for online publications.

Skip to main content. Capitalized Cost and Residual Value When you put up a car for lease, the customer pays you the amount by which the car depreciates in value over the period of the lease.

Lease Financing When you offer a car for lease, you must buy the car from the manufacturer. Add-Ons Selling your customer add-ons, such as low-profile tires, a navigation system or an upgraded audio system, will add to the capitalized cost of the lease, resulting in higher lease payments from your customer.

Trade-In Value Some customers might want to trade in a vehicle to lower the capitalized cost of their lease. Accessed 19 January Csiszar, John. Small Business — Chron. Note: Depending on which text editor you’re pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site .

Why start with Wholesale License First

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Standing outside a car dealership reveals an armada of shiny new vehicles. If you could look behind the curtains of the dealership, you would discover that each and every operation you are passing by is set up as a profit center—all of them competing for the money in omney wallet. So who typically wins this war of dollars, and how qholesale the dealer actually make any money? The answers might surprise you. Big dollars, factory fresh complete with that new car smell —you would think this is where the big bucks are kept, and in many ways you are correct. Because they are a high-ticket item, new car sales account for over half of the total gross sales at the dealer. Dealers secure inventory by borrowing money, sometimes from the carmaker, to get all those cars into the showroom and onto the lot. The longer the cars sit, the more interest the dealer has to pay on the loan. Cash flow, yes. Profits, no.

My Recommendation for Car Shoppers

Cae try to guilt you into paying a higher price, but don’t pay attention to the whining. I’m going to reveal how dealers really make money, and why you should never feel sorry for. First of all, most people assume that dealers pay for all their vehicles and have a bunch of money tied up in their inventory. This is false. The vast majority of dealers take out loans to build their inventory and are essentially «renting» the vehicles. If a dealer sells the vehicle in less than a month, they will make a tidy profit simply on the holdback. But we’re just getting started. But wait, there’s more!


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